Matt Fleeger Makes a Huge Donation to Sadie Keller Foundation

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The Sadie Keller Foundation is devoted to offering support and empowerment to children and families struggling with childhood cancer. The Foundation is a critical source of love, genuine care, and support for families of young patients dealing with this terrifying menace. Sadie Keller foundation also pushes for increased spending on the research and advancements in childhood cancer to fight against pediatric cancer.

The best part about this Foundation is that the founder is a cancer survivor. Ten-year-old Keller survived acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The 5th grader is the strong force and inspiration behind this important philanthropic mission. Sadie was diagnosed with cancer at only seven years. For close to three years, Sadie endured a series of infections, rare and complicated side effects and blood transfusions to overcome this life-threatening condition. The need to receive weekly chemotherapy treatments made her miss out on her 2nd and 3rd-grade years completely. Cancer deprived the little girl normal childhood years, and on May 26, 2017, Sadie went through her last chemotherapy treatment.

Excited and grateful to be alive today, Sadie is committed to making the experiences of children who have cancer bearable. She is achieving this dream through the Sadie Keller Foundation. Thanks to the Foundation, she has accessed many platforms to narrate her story and experiences while battling pediatric cancer. She uses such platforms to encourage children and families going through the painful ordeal.

Besides giving care, love, and support, Saddie Keller is keen on ensuring that more money is made available to the management of pediatric cancer. She is concerned that only 4% of the funds from the US Federal funding for cancer research is allocated to pediatric cancer. Sadie Keller Foundation, therefore, reaches out to corporations to contribute towards the same. Some of the institutions that have been financing the Sadie Keller Foundation include The Seay Group Realty, Mays Family Foundation, The Kimberly Hotel, and Coulder Peak Capital.

Recently, the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, Inc., made a significant donation. Matt Fleeger raised $14,000 for Sadie Keller Foundation. Fleeger is a recognized entrepreneur in the oil and gas, tanning, and medical waste management industries. Matt Fleeger is famous for his giving towards children causes. His contribution to the Foundation will go a long way in supporting gift packs for children and families battling childhood cancer.

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Academy of Art University

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The Academy of Art University has one of the most famous fashion schools with it being the only school that has an accredited bachelors of fine arts in fashion styling. The students that are studying fashion through this university are exposed to the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which allows them the chance to earn industry connections and awards while they are still attending the university. Something that makes this fashion program stand out from other schools’ programs is that they have the option to allow someone just to study and create footwear and accessories.

The Academy of Art is one of the most famous universities that many aspiring artists want to attend in order to further their skills and start a successful career in their art after they finish their schooling. The school has been in operation for nearly 90 years after it was created by a family out of their home in 1929. The university was built with the goal to help artists further their knowledge and get into a career using their skills. The university provides excellent equipment for the students to use while they are studying. For students that want to study from the comfort of their own home instead of at the university campus, the university does offer online programs.

Students get to study in the great city of San Francisco, which gives them plenty of inspiration for their craft. While they are attending the university, students have the option to join many great clubs that help them further their knowledge in their craft while also making great friends with other artists of their crafts such as Anime Club, Gaming at Academy of Art, and Jewelry & Metal Arts Club. The university has a dining hall that students may use if they sign up for a meal plan through the university, but there are also plenty of local cafes that students like to visit and eat at.

A Homegrown Lobbyist – Dick Devos

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Few people have the vision to see what lies ahead. Dick Devos is in the minority when it comes to realizing the good and the bad from history. Grand Rapids, Michigan is his home and Dick is not afraid to protect it like a mother hen.


Stopping a Disaster


When the political members of the city began planning for a multi-purpose sports and convention arena, Devos saw the writing on the wall. What if the sports team pulled up stakes in a few years? Forming a special coalition with the business community, Grand Action pushed for a more productive plan and it paid off.


Expansion of Profitable Projects


Dick and Betty Devos have devoted their lives to providing the best educational facilities and programs that are possible. To them, expansion of a growing community begins with bright and talented students that care. In addition, arts and culture, health and human services and churches have been earmarked to position Grand Rapids into an ethical and respected community.


A Pilot Program that Worked


Dick Devos stepped into unfamiliar territory with the small Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. Commercial airlines had to be a factor in transporting people into the area. Devos had always had an interest in aviation, but none in the commercial flying sector. He moved ahead quickly and was able to secure Southwest Airlines as a major airline for nonstop flights. Today, passengers have increased by at least one-third and there are 70 more nonstop flights available as compared to 10 years ago.


FAA Selected


In 2017, Dick was appointed to the Management Advisory Council that oversees the Federal Aviation Administration. The 13-member team is comprised of talented private and public individuals that have a track record of accomplishments. Dick’s aggressive leadership skills now reach far beyond Grand Rapids.


It may appear to some that Dick and Betty Devos have the Midas touch, but determination and a love of their city pushes them forward. The pair also started the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010 to further the careers of interested students in the aviation field. Unconventional strategies and a view of tomorrow continue to place these two philanthropists into areas that involve more than just money.



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Betterworks creates “Team Edition” to help small and medium sized businesses

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Betterworks is a continuous performance management solution that helps out businesses. They were founded in 2013 and give businesses the tools to improve their standing. They do this by allowing brands to map out objectives for employees and track them.

 The platform offers many different features such as being able to communicate with managers and much more. The company wants to be able to help out other businesses. It can be the right way for a business to take the next step and is ideal for companies that are new to the industry.

Betterworks has officially revealed their new product called “Team Edition.” According to the post, this addition will help both small and medium-sized businesses. The product further helps businesses cement their credibility and increase their performance in the business field.

One of the features of the “Team Edition” is that up to 100 individuals can set goals on a team. The company decided to make this service to help other upcoming companies who have just started out in the industry. Individuals will still be able to do everything similar to other services with the package of setting goals, communicating with managers, and having live support. Different payment plans such as quarterly or annual are available for this edition. Betterworks have stated that they made this addition to help out small businesses.

Steve Lesnard on Digital Marketing

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Steve Lesnard is a prolific brand consultant who has taken the world of marketing and entrepreneurship by storm. He is well known for various high-profile brand campaigns that have led to the launch of iconic products in the global market. He has previously worked in the sports world as a brand influencer, and this invigorated his desire to help other brands get noticed. Recently, through his Medium account, he offered valuable insights into the art of products marketing the current dispensation of the digital era.

Steve Lesnard notes that with the rise of social mediums, product marketing has never been the same. He says as much as these digital products have been made to help improve efficiency, they can turn out to be counterproductive if not properly leveraged. Notably, most brands that end up succeeding in their marketing have always put the needs and aspirations of their consumers in their strategy. Steve Lesnard reiterates on the need for a brand to clearly spell out the benefits of a product during the launch and introduction in terms of how best it will add value to the lives of consumers.

In his bid to help startups in their marketing strategy, Steve Lesnard offers two basic principles that will help them market their new product. The most important principle, he notes, is the fact that they need to keep it simple and memorable. In short, they ought to get their storyline in order by outlining what is new, unique and better about the product.

Once you are crystal clear about your product’s storyline, the next step would be to bring it to life and make the whole experience real. Make the consumer feel that they are getting the best there is. This should be as practical as possible, and this can even be illustrated using videos and such tools.

Igor Cornelsen’s Storied Career the Stuff of Legend in Investment Banking Realm

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Performing extremely thorough and comprehensive research obtained from reliable, objective sources is the central key to success for an investor. That’s what mega-successful investment banker and advisor Igor Cornelsen said has buoyed his own career over many decades of remarkable achievements.

Cornelsen is widely considered to be among the savviest professionals in his sector in the world.

Igor Cornelsen is a native of Brazil. He was born in 1947 in Curitiba, the largest city in the Brazilian state of Paraná. Even as a child, Igor showed exceptional ability with math and displayed a keen interest in science. Thus, when he entered college, he selected the Federal University of Parana School of Engineering. He intended to become an engineer, but after two years, Igor Cornelsen’s knack for number led him to become intrigued by the world of international finance. In addition to engineering, he began to focus heavily on economics as he completed his degree.

After graduation, he took a position with a major investment banking firm. By 1974 he had been named to the board of directors Multibanco. He would later become CEO of that firm. When Multibanco was bought out by the Bank of America, Cornelsen left to join Unibanco, a leading investment organization. This led to another job at Libra Bank PLC, a London Merchant Bank.

After years of success and serving at some of the top jobs with Brazil’s biggest banks, Igor Cornelsen decided it was time to build his own business. In 1995, he launched Bainbridge Investment, Inc.

He brought some two decades of investment and stock market experience to his new role as proprietor of his own firm. Since opening its doors in the mid-1990, Bainbridge has developed a global reputation as among the most sought-after investment advisory firms in the world.

Reliable Customer Service with the Help of Agera Energy

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When you are looking to switch the energy provider you’re using, there’s nothing better than choosing Agera Energy. One reason Agera Energy has been a solid option for many individuals is because they have truly helped in terms of getting people the electric or fuel that is needed without it being overly expensive. In fact, the CEO of Agera Energy believes that there should be sustainability efforts placed on all energy sources. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.


You can easily contact Agera Energy by going to their site or one of their social media pages, like Twitter. They have a live chat option directly on their site so that you can stay connected with them at all times. By choosing Agera Energy, you’re able to save money on the electric or fuel that you need while sticking with a company you can trust and feel confident in choosing for every single one of your needs. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium. Will Integrate Advanced AI Customer Service

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No website sells more merchandise in China than Therefore, the site needs to take customer service very seriously. It is constantly upgrading the technology on the site to give customers the best experience possible. The company has just announced a new partnership with a company called China Unicom. They have created a new artificial intelligence that will be able to communicate with customers very quickly and figure out their exact needs. Speed is very important when you are dealing with customer service issues. Jingdong knows that people will leave the site and shop elsewhere if a transaction takes to long. They will also become impatient if their question takes too long to get answered. The new AI will speed up the process considerably. wants to keep growing their business. They know the best way to do this is to give the people who shop on their site a pleasant experience. If they are able to keep their customers happy, they will keep coming back again in the future. Jingdong has been testing several new customer service AI programs over the past year. They eventually settled on the one designed by China Unicom. They are very happy with the way this AI has performed so far. It has received very positive feedback from the people who have used it.

It is very common now for very large retail websites to use AI to deal with customer service issues. There are a number of advantages to doing this. This helps to save these companies money because they do not need to employ many people to work as customer service representatives. Also, the wait time for customers will not be as long because the AI can answer questions as soon as a person logs on to the site. The customer will not need to wait until a customer service representative is available. will keep trying to make their AI as perfect as it can possibly be. There are always going to be occasional glitches. That is just the nature of working with new technology. However, the new AI has been performing better than expected.


American Addiction Centers: Be Someone That Inspires Others

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When someone is an addict of any kind, they might not think very highly of themselves. They probably don’t think they can offer much to other people out there. That is where they are wrong.

They can offer a lot to people out there. It is all about how much they are willing to share with others and what they are willing to talk about when they are in front of a group.

Everyone is filled with experiences, both good and bad. They can learn from both of those experiences. It is why the AAC (American Addiction Centers) is so big on making sure they hire people in recovery to work at their treatment centers.

After all, they are going to give the best advice on how to properly handle the disease. It is a disease, and it is not a choice. That needs to be made clear to the public out there. Too often, addicts have gotten a bad rap from the public.

They are seen as their own worst enemy. Now, not every addict is the same. They are different. Everyone is going through something that isn’t always easy to see. However, if people were willing to put themselves in their shoes, the world would be a much better place.

For example, there is the issue of AUD (alcohol use disorder), which is really causing a lot of problems for people out there. They have lost total and complete control over their drinking. They have become clinically obsessive over it. Instead of people trying to help them through it or try to understand why they are doing the things they are doing, they are quick to judge them and throw them under the boss. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper

First and foremost, it is never a good idea to point your finger at someone because no one is perfect. Everyone has been through something in their life. The AAC understands this. They have an open door policy with any addict that is truly invested in a long and fruitful life. However, they need to make that call. The AAC can’t make that call for them.

When they commit to helping themselves, the AAC is there to give them all they need to recover and get on the right path for the present and the future. They try not to spend too much time focusing on the past, except to point out what went wrong previously for them.

They can be an inspiration to other addicts out there, and they can stand proud. They can show the world they don’t have to be labeled an addict for the rest of their life. They can be a husband, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and so much more.

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Positive Reviews for Talkspace Therapy App

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Many people have been discussing the pros of the new online therapy app, Talkspace. Talkspace has served over 300,000 people, and many of them have left their feedback on the ways in which the service has helped them. The two main things that people like about Talkspace is the cost and the convenience of the app. There are three monthly pricing plans, and they all offer unlimited texting and one live session per month. They are all much cheaper than some traditional therapy appointments that can cost over $100 per session.

The thing that people love the most is the app itself. Oren Frank’s main goal was to make an app that was user friendly and took the stress out of the process. As mental health issues can be challenging enough, Talkspace makes being able to talk to a therapist as easy as possible. After a brief but comprehensive sign up service, the user is matched with one of Talkspace’ thousands of fully qualified and licensed therapists. They have thousands of hours of experience in a wide range of mental health problems. They can help with anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD and many other mental health problems. Customers can find a match that works for them. Read more Talkspace reviews at

Users also liked the fact that they could remain anonymous if they wanted to. There is a false stigma that asking for help is a sign of weakness, and users liked the way their information was guaranteed to be confidential. Therapists can be contacted any time and from anywhere that the users can access a computer or a phone. Therapists can be contacted through messages, emails, or directly through the app. Users found that their messages were replied to within a few hours.

Overall, Talkspace users have found a service that is both affordable and easy to use.