Profile of Biotech Entrepreneur Marc Beer

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Marc Beer has proven himself as both an entrepreneur and an executive. When he first began his
career, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry. After several years of working in this industry, he
would become a marketing executive for another top pharmaceutical company. As the marketing
executive, Marc would promote the products it offered. With his success as an executive, Marc
looked to start his own business and become an entrepreneur. Prior to beginning his career, Marc
attended Miami University and completed a bachelor’s degree in business.

The first company that Marc Beer started up was ViaCell. This company specialized in providing
alternative treatments for a variety of medical conditions. The company would use stem cells from
umbilical cords to make these treatments. Within a short period of time, the company would
become highly profitable. After seven years of running the company, Marc decided to sell it for a
substantial sum of money.

After a brief hiatus from entrepreneurship, Marc founded his second company known as Renovia.
This company would specialize in providing nonsurgical treatments for women. Renovia provided
treatment for a number of pelvic floor disorders that women suffer from. Within a short period of
time, Renovia has found effective ways to help treat conditions such as urinary incontinence. In a
few years, Renovia will begin to make profits and reach its full potential.

While Marc Beer has achieved a lot of success during his career, he has credited much of it to the
people that he has worked with. Over the years, Marc has been able to work with a number of
professionals who have aided him in achieving his goals. Beer has worked with many experts in the
pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries who have provided him with vital knowledge. Marc
has openly said that any business can succeed as long as it has a group of dedicated professionals.
With a lot of success, Marc Beer has given back to his community. Much of his community
involvement has entailed contributing to educational institutions and healthcare organizations. His
involvement with these entities has allowed him to help students increase their knowledge and
have better educational programs available to them. By making contributions to healthcare
organizations, he has helped with cancer research.

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With a very successful career in business, Marc Beer has followed a unique philosophy in order to
achieve his goals. One of the keys to his success has been using his leadership skills to solve
problems. Over the course of his career, Marc has been able to use a logical approach to finding
solutions to issues and following steps to resolve them. Beer has also been able to take calculated
risks in order to succeed as well. Creating a financial plan as well as learning from failure have
been some of the keys to his success as well.

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OSI Group is Co-manufacturing Meatless Burger Patties With Impossible Foods

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According to an official announcement, food processing company OSI Group has formed a partnership with plant based protein manufacturer Impossible Foods to make alternative meat patties.

It was explained by the companies that the collaboration will see Impossible Foods investing into OSI Group’s infrastructure. Together, both companies will make sure that they produce an optimal quantity of alternative meat patties in order to meet the rising demands that Impossible Foods has seen with its expansion. Read Articles about OSI Group at Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

How OSI Group Will Be Making Patties With Impossible Foods

Launched in 2011, Impossible Foods has recently gained immense popularity due to its unique plant based protein processing, which makes soy and potato based protein taste like real meat. But that’s not all, since these alternative meat products actually bleed like real meat when they are cut into. The magic is completed by the overall look of the product, which makes it difficult to tell it apart from real meat.

The products have been gaining quite some traction due to Impossible Foods’ collaboration with fast food chains such as White Castle. But none of the company’s previous partnerships come close to the popularity that its recent venture with Burger King has gathered.

Together with Impossible Foods, Burger King has launched the Impossible Whopper, which uses the aforementioned alternative meat instead of real meat. Yet, due to its taste and benefits, the burger has hit the bull’s eye for food enthusiasts all over the U.S.

Since the Impossible Whopper is currently being served in over 7,000 Burger King locations with increasing demand, Impossible Foods has formed a collaboration with OSI Group to ensure that it doesn’t fall back on meeting demands at all.

Together, both companies will be manufacturing Impossible Foods’ burger patties in OSI Group Chicago facilities. From there, the patties will be supplied to Burger King in order to make sure that the grill firing up the Impossible Whopper doesn’t get stopped.

While the collaboration is currently limited to Burger King only, OSI or Impossible Foods have not explicitly stated if it will not extend beyond this partnership.

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How Marc Beer puts his Belief in the Mission of Biotech to Good Use

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Marc Beer started his business career after graduating from the University of Miami in 1987. He received a BA of Science in Business degree. This was the perfect education to get his start in Pharmaceutical sales and marketing.


Marc’s first employers were Abbott Laboratories and Genzyme where he worked a director of marketing. He finally got the inspiration to start his own company and did so in 2000 when he founded Viacell. At this time there was much interest in using stem cells in therapeutic technologies. Viacell was all about collecting stem cells and using them to treat various human ailments. Viacell was successful enough that the company attracted potential buyers. A buyer called Perkinelmer paid Marc Beer 300 million dollars for his company in 1987. Learn more:


For many people, a 300 million dollar check would mean life on easy street, but that is not what Marc Beer was about. Certainly, his life was about to take a profound turn for the worst. It was not long after the Viacell sale that his wife tragically died. He had only his three children to console him. He dropped all business plans to commit himself full-time to his kids. He did this successfully for two years when his daughter of age 14 said something that convinced him that he needed to get back into the business world to make a difference. His talents were too great to be wasted by tending to his children all of the time when they could more or less take care of themselves.


He got an idea from a physician, Dr. Ray Inglesias, about the need to find more effective treatments for women who suffer from Pelvic Floor Disorders. Dr. Inglesias knew how women suffered from these disorders because he was constantly doing surgeries to correct them. Dr. Inglesias was hoping that non-surgical methods could be used to treat these disorders. With this goal in mind, Marc was certainly on board. Together with Dr. Inglesias and Yolanda Lori the start-up, Renovia, was formed in 2016.


Marc Beer serves as the CEO and chairman of the board of Renovia. In running this business concern he is chiefly concerned with organizational matters and having the right staff on board to do the research and provide the leadership needed to launch breakthroughs that help the nearly 25 percent of women who have such disorders. these disorders include such things as incontinence of the urinary and fecal tracts. There is a nasty condition called Pelvic Organ Prolapse that is included. 


Renovia’s first product, called Leva, was brought to the market in 2018 after receiving FDA approval. For now, Marc is working to attract additional funding to research new therapies.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Host of This Year’s Fountain House Wine Dinner

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Every year, for the past two years, Jeremy Goldstein has hosted a fabulous wine dinner for New York’s elite socialites. Each ticket costs $5,000 and all proceeds go to Fountain House, a local charity dedicated to the recovery of people suffering from mental illness.

This year’s event honors Jim Finkel and is funnily titled “Mental Illness: You Are not ‘A Rhone.’” The next gala is scheduled for May 21, and the hope is that the wine dinner raises more than last year’s two wine dinners. In 2018, Jeremy Goldstein hosted two wine dinners on top of the Nomad Hotel in New York and raised over $50,000.

Unlike last year’s dinners, Goldstein already knows what guests want and has tailored the event around making everyone happy to donate. For the price of $5,000, guests will be treated to an extravagant meal and get to taste some of E. Guigal’s finest wine vintages, including La Turque, La Landonne, and La Mouline.

Jeremy Goldstein got involved with Fountain House when he heard that mental illness is a global epidemic. According to some sources, nearly two billion will experience personal struggles with mental illness at least once in their lifetime; that’s one-fourth of the Earth’s population.

While organizations like Fountain House are devoted to helping those with serious mental illnesses, they also want people to know that mental illness can be as simple as unmanageable stress or sadness. Society’s current perception of mental illness is so harsh; the stigma created by that perception causes more harm than the mental illness itself.

The overall mission of Fountain house is to make the lives of those living with mental illness better, but it’s also important to remove the stigma. Over 20 million adults seek treatment for mental illness every year, but that’s a small number compared to the two billion that will one day suffer from a mental illness.

It’s important that a well-connected lawyer, like Jeremy Goldstein, advocate for sufferers. As a trusted attorney and advisor to some of the world’s largest corporations, he has the necessary access to put mental illness on the forefront of the world’s concern.

It was only last year that members of the mental health community held its first world conference. Fountain House invited over 300 mental health professionals to the Healthier Longer Lives for People with Serious Mental Illnesses conference in hopes of coming together and finding new ways to address the world’s most ignored crisis.


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Isabel Dos Santos: A Businesswoman From Africa

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Isabel Dos Santos has an interesting philosophy on running a company. She grew up in business and has spent her life understanding the role of a leader in business. She has held many titles throughout her lengthy career. She is a dedicated successful entrepreneur. Isabel dos Santos is an executive and advisor to many companies. She has been a company founder as well. She has no one specific business industry she likes the best. The many industries she has been involved in include hospitality, finance, construction, technology, energy, education and entertainment and more.


Isabel Dos Santos has gained so much experience. Being a part of such diverse and different industries have truly sculpted her viewpoint on business. These experiences have crafted her into being a businesswoman that can be apart of many different companies and equally lead them both in Africa and business projects all around the world. Her skill set has been developed due to the many industries she has been a part of (Everipedia). 


Isabel Dos Santos’ journey to being a leading businesswoman has led her to phenomenal heights by aiding the continent of Africa. Her success does not stop in Africa. Her success shines truly through the world. For the continent of Africa, she has brought financial awareness, logistics, international affairs and relations experience and technology developments to her home continent. Dos Santos is a native of Angola. She became a multinational businesswoman on the continent of Africa. She has been able to unite people throughout Africa because of her ability to develop successful business ventures in many countries in Africa. She studied in England. 


This educational experience geared her towards living a life filled with diversity and an understanding of how different countries operate. Isabel Dos Santos attended college after receiving her primary and secondary education. She enrolled at King’s College. She chose electrical engineering as her major. Electrical engineering allowed her to explore her passion for technology and science. It also developed her ability to solve problems. 


Isabel Dos Santos is an achiever. She is a great businesswoman. She spends her time leading companies, motivating other business people, uplifting young girls and doing public speaking. She uses her platform to highlight how Africa can become a leading place for innovation and technology with the right leaders. 

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Laerte Codonho and Dolly Fight For Their Lives

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There is no secret that the Dolly company began its operation with the idea of providing the best soft drinks in Brazil. Due to the leadership of its founder, Laerte Codonho, the soft drink company began its progression to snatching more and more market share from its competitors. Due to the ire of its competitors, it became apparent that Dolly was here to stay, and there was no stopping them. To further increase market share, Dolly introduced the idea of having a diet soft drink (Istoedinheiro). 


By introducing the diet soft drink, it was not well received by the Brazilian government as it took the position that the artificial sweeteners posed health risks for its purchasers. This led Laerte Codonho to personally have the sweeteners tested in order to satisfy the concerns of the government. After Laerte convinced brazilian government that the sweeteners used were okay for consumption, a product was created and became a popular choice for consumers. The end result, more profits for Dolly and diminished market share for its competitors, and they were not happy.


To the surprise of Laerte Codonho, the company became under scrutiny, and although it took him a little while to figure out why, he quickly alleged that the scrutiny was prompted by Coca-Cola. He felt as though Coca-Cola was using its influence to put the company out of business because of its declining profits. Laerte Codonho began taking his message to the media in order for the public to be aware of what was happening behind the scenes. 


To make matters worse, the Brazilian government indicted him with charges of tax evasion. With these tax evasion charges in place, Laerte Codonho vigorously defended himself by stating that the taxes were paid to his accountant, and that the accountant did not transfer the taxes to the government. With this revelation, it is also understood that the accountant has a relationship with the Coke brand. This disclosure shows the negative side of business, and the degree to which companies will go to gain competitive advantages. 

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Stansberry Research Offers Investment Advice through Newsletters

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Over the years, there have been many investors who have been gaining a lot from the investment advice offered by publishing entities such as Stansberry Research. As a privately owned company, Stansberry Research is situated in Baltimore, Maryland. Under the leadership of Frank Stansberry, the corporation has also been able to set up branches in other states including Oregon, California, and Florida (Youtube). 


Their advisory newsletters are produced monthly and bimonthly. By working with numerous professional financial editors, Stansberry Research can make sure that the information provided will be of great benefit to each of their subscribers. Also, by subscribing to the Stansberry newsletter, you will be able to learn more about the investment opportunities present in industries such as power, natural resources, oil, biotechnology, the healthcare industry, mining, and corporate bonds. People have been benefiting from the services offered by Stansberry Research since 1999. 


Besides being the founder of the publishing corporation, Frank Porter Stansberry worked as an editor for the same company. As an editor, Frank Porter would focus on controversial issues such as the European financial panic. While working for the Fleet Street Letter as an editor, Frank Porter Stansberry gained the necessary experience that allowed him to found and operate Stansberry Research at ease. Steve Sjuggerud also became a part of Stansberry Research in 2001. His main role involves working as an editor. You can read through his newsletter which is known as True Wealth. 


David Eifrig is also a member of Stansberry Research. As an analyst and financial editor, he has made major contributions to the company. His newsletter is known as Daily Wealth. Matt Badiali is also a financial editor within the company. Additionally, he is the editor of the S&A Resource Report. Since he has an undergraduate degree in earth sciences and a master’s degree in geology, he possesses knowledge about investments in areas such as metals, natural resources, and energy. In his newsletter, he mainly offers some insight on stocks as well as good businesses. Frank Stansberry together with his team of financial editors is striving to make a major difference in the investment world. Each of the newsletters published by the Stansberry Research is meant to make sure that investors can make informed decisions.


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Betterworks Announces New Team Edition Product

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Betterworks is performance management software designed to give their clients the necessary tools to help their companies become more productive and generate more revenue. Betterworks keeps track of important data that companies can use to improve their cash flow.

Betterworks provides company managers with the necessary tools to delegate different objectives and track progress through an easy to use menu that keeps everything organized. Every task displays a percentage to completion, so everyone has a direct idea of how the process is going. Performance managers have the ability to customize different tasks to make sure that they align with the goals of the company.

Recently, Betterworks announced the release of their new Team Edition. The product offers a unique package of performance management tools to help meet the needs of different enterprise teams and businesses that are seeking to increase their performance. Betterworks is confident that Team Edition will provide the latest advancements in performance management technology and best practices to companies.

Team Edition allows more than 80 people to set up goals through identifying objectives and key results. The system allows for continuous interaction between managers and employees to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Companies can create marquee goals so that every employee is aware of their top priority. Employees can also set up personal goals that they would like to obtain. Team Edition promotes cross-functional team goals.

Team Edition offers real time course corrections. The system strives to make sure that every employee’s goals aligns with the goals of the company at the start of every quarter. Managers can also schedule mid quarter goal progress check in conversations to help improve goal attainment. Team Edition has conversation templates to help managers create better business outcomes. Team Edition also offers live group and on-demand webinars, as well as in product coaching guides. Betterworks says that Team Edition offers quarterly and annual plans for their customers.

Betsy DeVos and Captivating Talks

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Betsy DeVos doesn’t roll her eyes any time other people talk. She actually listens in an engaged fashion. She thinks that all people deserve full respect no matter who they are and what they do. She wants to give people ample respect everywhere she goes. She’s a classic woman in that way. She doesn’t like to be inconsiderate toward anyone. She treats people equally. She doesn’t assess people based on things that are irrelevant.


DeVos is a woman who has a terrific career under her belt. Her career is still going on, too. President Donald J. Trump is the man who decided that she’d make a fantastic Secretary of Education. Working for the educational system in America isn’t something that’s a frivolous craze for DeVos. It’s something that she classifies as being a mission. Her mission is to make the American educational system a lot more sophisticated. It’s also to make it a lot more accessible to the members of the general public.


DeVos thinks about injustices regularly. She sees that the planet is chock-full of things that just aren’t fair. It makes her sad to ponder injustices. That’s why she puts so much effort into destroying them permanently. She wants people in America to be able to say that they reside in a nation that’s consistently fair. She doesn’t like things that involve injustice. She believes that injustice can bring on all kinds of undesirable consequences.


Who does DeVos appreciate the most? She appreciates all of the people she meets daily. She has a penchant for her husband, Dick. She has a penchant for her adult kids as well. She can barely go one day without chatting with them. She likes to ask Dick about all of the things that he’s done. She likes to ask her children the same exact thing.


DeVos is among the planet’s busiest individuals. She has a life that’s redolent of a huge whirlwind. She’s always waiting around at lounges in airports. She’s always on trains. She’s constantly inside of taxis. Traveling isn’t something that’s ever elusive to this professional.


DeVos is a graduate of Holland, Michigan’s prestigious Calvin College. She was named Elisabeth Prince when she was a student at the institution. This institution was a balanced one. It was one that put a lot of energy into academic pursuits. It was one that put a lot of energy into political matters, too. DeVos enjoyed a great political experience while she was at the school. She was instrumental in all kinds of political campaigns that took place on the impressive campus. People who adore talking about politics frequently make the decision to chat with DeVos. She never says no to political conversations that are thorough and captivating.


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Tim Ioannides On How To Run A Successful Business

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Making it big in the medical industry is never an easy thing to do but Tim Ioannides is a shining example of how best to run your business and treat your patients. Many people are curious to know how he managed to become the founder and CEO of his own practice. Well, he recently sat down to talk about his career. Back when he was in medical school, he was offered a chance to be a part of one of the most rigorous internships they have to offer. He ended up successfully completing the internship while excelling in all of his classes which eventually led to him graduating with honors and staying at the university for a few years to complete his residency. Once that was done, he began his first postdoc position as an intern for a dermatology practice.

Not long afterwards, he realized the company was chock full of iniquity and avarice so he left the job and resolved to become the owner and founder of his own practice that treats patients with kindness and respect instead of as pawns in their grand scheme to get rich. They pride themselves on giving their patients the best service possible by establishing a positive and healthy rapport with each one so they can try to better treat and diagnose their conditions. Additionally, all of their employees write on pads of paper so they focus more on treating the patients and less on their screens. He also teaches some dermatology classes at the local university.

His practice has since begun thriving, going from just one office building to five different locations throughout the state of Florida. For future aspiring businesspeople, he has advised them to pursue whatever it is they’re passionate about or else they will be miserable throughout their career.

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