The Career of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group.

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Peter Briger works at the organization as a principal and one of the chairpersons of the board of directors. He has been part of the board meetings as a member since 2006. Three years later, he was promoted to be a co-chairperson. He also plays a key role in the management committee of the firm. He is tasked with the credit and Real estate business division. He has worked at Fortress Investment Group for more than ten years. Previously, he worked at Goldman Sachs where he stayed for about six years. He gives back to the society in various ways.

He is part of the board of a Francisco-based firm known as Tipping Point. At the organization, Peter Briger has helped to uplift the living standards of the disadvantaged members of the society. At the board of the Caliber Schools, he is part of a team that works to inspire the learners to focus on their studies and prepare for the post-college life. He is a graduate of the Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania where he acquired a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Peter Briger is part of the team that has transformed Fortress Investment Group into one of the best firms in the finance industry. He has always supported the development of innovative solutions for the customer needs. The growth of the company has been attributed to his efforts. In 2007, it was listed in the New York Stock Exchange. By being a public company, it can raise money from the members of the public in the form of shares to finance the expansion plans.

Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has diversified the available investment portfolios to cater to different client needs. According to a report released by the firm, the asset base has reached more than $43 billion. There are more than 1,750 clients who have interests in various divisions. The main operations of the investment firm take place in New York. Peter Briger has always ensured that all the workers are qualified to serve the clients in various departments. He values the input of the employees.

Lime Crime

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The founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere is a New Yorker, but she was actually born in Russia. Her company, Lime Crime Cosmetics is not a typical cosmetic company, and neither is her approach to creating her products. Her unique line of cosmetic products are vibrantly almost playful color design and are anti-animal testing. Doe Deere has grown her small company into what it is today and understand fully the challenges women face in the business world. As a young girl, Deere has always dreamt of creating her own line of makeup products and does all she can to help other girls achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. A steadfast proponent of women’s rights and equality in as entrepreneurship, Doe Deere does what she can to ensure women have the same opportunities to chase their dreams as she has.

Based in Las Angeles California, Lime Crime Cosmetics is the ideal company for the animal right activist who is concerned with the industry norm of using animals to test products. Lime Crime Cosmetics offers a distinct line of eye-shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, lipsticks and rainbow-colored liquid liners among other products. The idea behind the standout products of Lime Crime steams from Doe Deere’s love of fairytales and makeup. Initial designing her own unique clothing, Deere found it harder and harder to find makeup that truly complements her clothing creations. Like many inventors and entrepreneurs before her, Doe had to make her own products, because there was nothing on the market that matched her styles and color schemes.

Since the genesis of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has continued to grow using her belief that beauty should make you feel happy. While beauty is interpreted differently by each individual, it is an area in our lives that we can all control and Lime Crime is there to help make people happy.


The Chainsmokers And Their Popular Debut Album

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The Chainsmokers have a popular debut album that is the third-longest running dance album on the Billboard charts. They are an incredible band that has mixed the DJ sound with the traditional indie sound. They have done this to great success, and they are still taking the music world by storm.

  1. Who Are The Chainsmokers?

The Chainsmokers are a DJ duo that started out in New York making mixes of popular songs. They are very good in the mixing world, and they have made it fun for people to get immersed in mix culture. The mix culture has brought The Chainsmokers to the forefront, and they made a whole album based on their mixing expertise.

  1. What Is Their Debut Album Like?

The debut album is not a DJ album. They sing on some of their tracks, and they have brought in guests artists for other tracks. The band is mixture of the indie band guitar sound and the production that is required of a DJ. The two men in this band bring their own flavor to the band, and they have invited different friends to work on their tracks.

  1. Guest Artists

The guest artists on these tracks have come along because The Chainsmokers have a reputation in the music world for being good at what these do. These guest artists want to be a part of this type of sound, and they have made the album extremely popular. Someone who is a big time artist today could end up on their next album or even appearing with them on tour. The Chainsmokers are so popular right now that they could support this album with a tour for another year or more.

  1. Conclusion

The Chainsmokers are a band that has transcended both indie band culture and DJ culture. They are DJs who are making mixes, but they have not gone to route of The Chainsmokers. The band sings some of its own material, and they write all their own songs. They have created a culture for their music that is far broader than what most DJs do.

Tenegram Still Brands Lime Crime As Vegan Cosmetics Line

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Thousands of women crave an organic makeup collection to protect their skin because beauty is everything in today’s society. With millions of products sold exclusively online, Lime Crime, has captured the eye of the Tenegram investment firm. Tenegram is only interested in previously branded products, and they were impressed with their exclusive online sells. In fact, even though they’re sold exclusively online, they’ve built themselves into a top brand. In fact, their new Chief Executive Officer, Stacy Panagakis, says, they will continue to market LC cosmetics as a completely vegan brand.

Why Customers Choose Lime Crime Over Other Brands

Customers recognize the cool packaging and buttery-smooth base with LC cosmetics and become fans of their brand. Their creator, Doe Deere, dared to be bold by being one of the first cosmetic designers to experiment with the rich matte formula. Not everyone was backing the cruelty-free brand, but the super-foil formula turned out to be a success. Her cosmetics go on with a smooth water-proof base. Choose liberally between thousands of products that allow you to mix and match their cosmetics. LC is proud to carry a exuberant line of lipstick and eye-shadows in amazing shades and hues.

More LC Cosmetic News

Ironically, a business deal between Lime Crime and China was inevitable with the increased black market sells of matte products. Their China industry users can now, purchase LC cosmetics through their new e-commerce market. Their international business deal as an exclusive cosmetic’s line, also attracted the attention of Tenegram. Thousands of users have already become a part of their international sells to make the business deal a success. Bring out your eye color and natural lip lines with their popular Apricot Nude summer collection. Join the Lime Crime brand exclusively on their website or select department stores today.

21-Hour Tweet Storm from Shervin Pishevar Drawing Attention

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One of Uber’s earliest investors took to Twitter to share with the world the thought on the current economy and what the near future will. Shervin Pishevar ranted for 21 hours straight, only taking a few short breaks, in a series of 50 different tweets that became known as his 21-hour tweetstorm. He had many predictions during this storm, and while some people aren’t taking him seriously, others are taking notice to the investment experts predictions.

The 50 message long tweet rant by Shervin Pishevar made predictions about a wide variety of topics concerning the economy. From Bitcoins to immigration, there weren’t that many topics that Shervin Pishevar didn’t address in his field of expertise. Essentially, he sees the economy of the United States on the verge of collapse while other countries throughout the world will bee years of prosperity.

In the next few months, Shervin Pishevar sees a dramatic drop in the stock market coming, around 6,000 points. When the market dropped dramatically just a few days later, even the skeptics that had originally passed off his tweetstorm as an angry rant took notice of some of his other predictions. One of these being his interesting thoughts about Bitcoin and it’s eventual rebound.

While Shervin Pishevar sees Bitcoin dropping rather soon, he doesn’t think it’s over for the cryptocurrency. He believes the drop is only temporary and while he does not think it will be rebounding quickly from the loss, he does think that over time it will slowly grow in value back to a price near what it had reached during its peak.

Shervin Pishevar also believes that Silicon Valley should be concerned about their current monopoly in the tech world. Technology is becoming increasingly borderless and this trend will only grow as digital communication and finances continue to improve in the near future. In the past, Silicon Valley was seen as the go-to place for startups, unfortunately, a few large companies have made it almost impossible to achieve success in the industry in that location. With tech startups starting to take root in other parts of the United States, he believes that it’s only time until their Monopoly collapses.

Are Hedge Funds Passe? Sahm Adrangi Discusses

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Sahm Adrangi, noted financial expert and founder of Kerrisdale Capital, is one of today’s foremost experts on the financial world and how to operate effectively within it. He recently explored the question of whether or not Hedge Funds were passe in a podcast where he defended Hedge Funds as still being an important part of your financial portfolio on the podcast Behind The Idea.

Sahm Adrangi argued that even in a bullish market traditional methods like Hedge Funds were still important to the overall sustainability of a portfolio. The advice of picking good stocks on the long side is one that that Sahm Adrangi tends to use as a guiding principle for his business- as well as a technique that he imparts to his customers, but there are some additional challenges in terms of investments and the changing market. With the market being on the cusp of change at the moment, how is the stock market evolving and how should you evolve to stay current?

There are two particular elements addressed by Sahm Adrangi in the podcast, specifically land acquisition and new markets like adtech. How do we effectively navigate these areas while still keeping true to the traditional principles of investing? Going through new financial waters can be difficult, especially since regulations change all of the time and present new opportunities for learning.

They also dove deep into how to effectively break down Proteostasis’s data and what we should take from the St. Joe business model. Is it a cautionary tale or a roadmap to help propel us to greater success? The team goes very far into these very important topics.

The podcast, Behind The Idea, delves into these issues with the expert knowledge of Sahm Adrangi and other industry titans, Shane Wilson and Mike Ranieri. It provides a good roadmap for moving forward with smart investments and making the best decisions for personal gratification and growth. Behind The Idea is famous for delving into matters of particular financial concern and those that are most timely in an attempt to open up a dialog about making smarter financial calls.

The RealReal Offers Luxury Fashion At Consignment Prices

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All too often, clothing is not worn for its full useful life. Unfortunately, articles often find themselves in the bottom of a drawer or back of a closet for so long that they get forgotten about and eventually thrown out or donated years later. While this may not seem like an urgent issue to some, others recognize that thousands of dollars are tied up in unworn clothing each year. This is where companies like luxury consignment shop The RealReal can help. The RealReal allows you to either buy or sell luxury clothing and accessory brands. This way, if you know you aren’t going to wear something, you can be paid for it and someone who will wear it gets the chance to enjoy an incredible piece for a reasonable price. To see the latest and greatest arrivals, be sure to follow their Instagram @therealreal which showcases new arrivals such as watches and handbags as well as other full outfits that would be perfect for the upcoming season. To date, The RealReal has raised more than $173 million which has allowed the opening of their first location and will serve as the startup funding necessary to get a new business off the ground. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a truly amazing fashion piece for just pennies on the dollar compared to what you would pay in a regular store. The great thing is there is absolutely no difference between the two products except for the price. The majority of products in the store have only been worn once or twice and some are even sold to the store with the tags still on the product. One of the other great things about this consignment shop is that every piece that they accept is fully authenticated by our team of experts. This way, no counterfeit clothing or handbags ever make it on to the showroom floor. The RealReal prides themselves in providing on the highest quality products to their customers for the lowest possible prices. The RealReal is currently located in Soho and is hoping to expand to other locations in the near future.

MB2 Dental Aquires New Talent

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Jackson Hildebrand has recently joined the MB2 Dental team, and he feels that it is a very good fit for him as well as for the company. He will be the new chief financial officer, and he will watch over all 91 practices as well as handle the financial management department of MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental is very excited to have Hildebrand join the team as well and feels that his expertise will greatly benefit the company. He brings experience in the world of finance and has worked in the private equity sector as well as in the financial department of a private equity firm. He will be managing the financial operations of MB2 Dental including financial reporting and analysis and accounting.

Hildebrand worked at TPG Capital as a Finance Director, and he is a graduate of Texas A&M University. He graduated with a BBA and MS in Accounting, and he has also worked at KPMG in the auditing department. He is excited to join the MB2 team as he has been wanting to work for a portfolio company directly.

MB2 Dental is always looking to recruit team members that will bring something to the table that will help the company to grow and to be successful. Hildebrand fits this description and will greatly benefit the company with his experience an expertise as well.

MB2 Dental is a reputable company that many practices are turning to. MB2 Dental was created to give dentists a more efficient way of running their practices while maintaining a high quality and standard that they could provide to their patients. Running a dental office takes a lot of time and dedication and so does dentistry. MB2 Dental handle the many tasks of running a practice so that the dentist can focus more on the patient.

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Jason Hope-Philanthropist and tech entreprenuer

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Jason Hope loves technological innovations. His career has been spent looking for opportunities in the tech industry. Jason Hope has concentrated on providing the people with projections of technological trends, he studies the current trends and predicts what will happen in future. He has been a great advocate of the Internet of Things. He has been an advocate for this technology for some time now. IoT has become a reality that people appreciate about. With IoT, electronic devices will be able to connect to the internet and manage to share information between themselves. This is the most important aspect of the technology.

IoT is expected to have application in almost every single part of our lives. From the household chores to industrial applications, IoT will make changes. For instance, a toaster will be able to know you have woken up and start preparing a toast for breakfast. There will also be wearable devices which will be able to detect our health condition and communicate in real time with the doctor. A doctor will not have to monitor a patient in person as the information from the wearable devices will take over this role.

In the industrial setup, IoT will have numerous applications. Some of the areas where it is already being used include the airline industry where IoT is being used to change the manufacturing of aircraft as well as offering personalized customer care. Boeing 787s are being built with IoT integrated into them. Every part of the plane is computerized such that information from each one of them is controlled. In case there is a need for repairs, the plane will communicate automatically to the technicians.

Jason Hope is also supporting technological research in other sectors such as biotechnology. In 2010, Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to an organization known as SENS Foundation. This organization is performing scientific research on the possibility of coming up with an anti-aging drug that will slow down or stop the aging process in human beings. The research is at advanced stages where everything is being done in the right to ensure we have a drug that can solve the issue of aging. Aging in human beings is associated with old-age diseases which cause suffering to people during their retirement age. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkison’s diseases are some of those which affect the old people. Jason Hope believes that the biotechnological research is likely to bear fruits soon.

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Sussex Healthcare Celebrates 25 Years Of Caregiving

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Sussex Healthcare is top healthcare company in the United Kingdom. The healthcare firm deals with taking care of the elderly people in the society. Apart from the elderly. It also takes care of people who need specialized care such as those suffering from neurological disorders. The company is located in Southern Coast England where it has constructed 20 homes where residents are given the necessary cared.

Sussex Healthcare was started by two entrepreneurs who come from distinct fields. They brought tier ideas together to create what is now the biggest caregiving facility in the region. The founders of the company are Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. Boghani is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry while Sachedina is a dental surgeon. They combined their knowledge of many years in these two industries to create a caregiving facility that offers all-around care services.

Sussex Healthcare has been in the industry for the past 25 years. It was started in 1985 with one facility, but now it has grown immensely. Currently, it has 20 facilities which have the state-of-the-art equipment that ensures that the elderly get the best care. One of the recent additions is a state-of–the–art gym which helps old people to exercise and keep their bodies strong. Sussex Healthcare is offering services for all manner of needs from simple to complex condition. The staff in the facility are dedicated to making the industry better by offering the high-level of quality service to the residents.


At Sussex. There is no limit to education. Every worker in the facility must go through regular training to enhance their skills. They are determined to offer professional services which the residents need. The healthcare company aims to offer these people who are neglected by the community a chance to live a normal life just like any other person on the globe. Government institution normally does not have a concern about the health of people who need specialized care.

At Sussex Healthcare, the services offered are more than just the normal services. They ensure there is a difference between them and others. In an attempt to make the industry even better, the company has brought in a new CEO known as Amanda Morgan Taylor. As the CEO of the company, she will take growth in the healthcare company to a higher level. She has been in the industry for the past three decades and therefore knows what needs to be done to raise the bar in service delivery. Taylor-Morgan started working at the beginning of 2018.

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