A Day In the Life of the Unicorn Queen: Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

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Doe Deere is the successful founder, CEO, and owner of online beauty brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a bold, revolutionary and constantly expanding brand with a line of makeups, hair dyes, and nails. Although her life is far from mundane, the quirky self proclaimed Unicorn Queen has a morning routine just like the rest of us. Despite living the busy life of an entrepreneur she makes time to care for herself through proper rest, nutrition, and skin care. She dished on her daily startup rituals recently to Savoir Flair.

Starting at 8:30 in sunny Los Angeles, CA, Deere wakes up naturally without an alarm clock after indulging in a refreshing nine hours of beauty sleep. She also makes sure not to deprive herself of hydration, and a glass of water is her first order of business after waking up. It should come as no surprise that this Unicorn Queen who heads up a beauty brand should carve out special time to tackle her makeup.

She says that applying makeup is her favorite time of day, which is unsurprising since she built a career around it. The process can take her anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. She uses her own products, except for foundation, although she is working on producing a foundation to add to her beauty line. Caring for her vibrantly colored hair is also part of her routine. She prefers to shower at night so that her hair is dry and ready to style in the morning. Lime Crime recently released a line of Unicorn inspired semi-permanent hair dyes to complement their other products.

Along with hydration and skin care, she adds some yoga stretches and a hearty breakfast to her day, while keeping up with her company via her phone and trying to avoid saturating her morning with electronics. After a little bit of bonding with her cats wraps up a tranquil start to her day, Deere heads to her office where she attends meetings and keeps things rolling in her company.

She isn’t afraid to reinvent herself without straying from her core values, which include keeping everything she produces vegan and cruelty free. She defines success as what makes other people happy, and strives to produce whimsical designs for her bold and beautiful users.


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