A Homegrown Lobbyist – Dick Devos

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Few people have the vision to see what lies ahead. Dick Devos is in the minority when it comes to realizing the good and the bad from history. Grand Rapids, Michigan is his home and Dick is not afraid to protect it like a mother hen.


Stopping a Disaster


When the political members of the city began planning for a multi-purpose sports and convention arena, Devos saw the writing on the wall. What if the sports team pulled up stakes in a few years? Forming a special coalition with the business community, Grand Action pushed for a more productive plan and it paid off.


Expansion of Profitable Projects


Dick and Betty Devos have devoted their lives to providing the best educational facilities and programs that are possible. To them, expansion of a growing community begins with bright and talented students that care. In addition, arts and culture, health and human services and churches have been earmarked to position Grand Rapids into an ethical and respected community.


A Pilot Program that Worked


Dick Devos stepped into unfamiliar territory with the small Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. Commercial airlines had to be a factor in transporting people into the area. Devos had always had an interest in aviation, but none in the commercial flying sector. He moved ahead quickly and was able to secure Southwest Airlines as a major airline for nonstop flights. Today, passengers have increased by at least one-third and there are 70 more nonstop flights available as compared to 10 years ago.


FAA Selected


In 2017, Dick was appointed to the Management Advisory Council that oversees the Federal Aviation Administration. The 13-member team is comprised of talented private and public individuals that have a track record of accomplishments. Dick’s aggressive leadership skills now reach far beyond Grand Rapids.


It may appear to some that Dick and Betty Devos have the Midas touch, but determination and a love of their city pushes them forward. The pair also started the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010 to further the careers of interested students in the aviation field. Unconventional strategies and a view of tomorrow continue to place these two philanthropists into areas that involve more than just money.



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