Aaron Lupuloff Assists Teachers and Students Through The GCPS Foundation

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Aaron Lupuloff is an executive at the GCPS (Gwinnett County Public Schools) Foundation. He is passionate about molding the future leaders of tomorrow. Lupuloff is also working hard to ensure that the students have excelled academically. As an executive at the GCPS Foundation, his main focus is on the fund scholarships, support teaching and learning, innovation, developing leadership, and making sure that the forward-thinking programs within the foundation receive the necessary funding.

The GCPS Foundation empowers its teachers and students. All these individuals are also offered encouragement so that they may achieve their goals. The foundation always chips in wherever they are needed. The Gwinnett community has also benefited significantly from the assistance that the Gwinnett County Public Schools has been offering over the years. One of the remarkable aspects of the foundation is that it has been focusing on its mission.

Mr. Lupuloff has empowered the community in different ways including taking part in the establishment of the Norcoss High School (NHS) Foundation. He was the treasurer, vice president, and president of the institution. While at the foundation, he was tasked with being a member of the numerous sports and clubs, as well as being the booster club officer. The Norcoss High School Foundation has also been offering its support to arts, academics, and athletics. The foundation has been operational for two decades, and during this period it has empowered many students and teachers.

Aaron Lupuloff is also a founding member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. He was also a board member within the institution. Together with his wife, they are now serving in the student affairs advisory board at the University of Georgia. They are also actively supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Partners Against Domestic Violence, and Camp Twin Lakes.

Initially, Aaron Lupuloff was working at JP Morgan and Bear Stearns where he was a senior managing director. He has also served at Raymond James as a managing director. Before founding the GCPS Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff realized the importance of assisting students and teachers after the formation of the Norcoss High School Foundation. He realized that he could assist the Gwinnett community through the GCPS Foundation. More than 180,000 students have gained greatly from the foundation.

Aaron Lupuloff works together with his small team to bring ideas to life. They always engage through “whiteboard sessions.” The foundation also has more than 25 community activists who offer some valuable thoughts, insight, and wisdom. One of the trends that excite Lupuloff includes it is good to first focus on the most challenging students. As an investor, Aaron Lupuloff also makes sure that he has asked for an opinion from everyone regardless of whether they are wealthy or not.

Lupuloff also talked about the importance of being humble, patient, and also seeking some assistance from other people. Also, failure is common but giving up should never be an option. It is also good to communicate. Aaron Lupuloff also succeeded by asking for capital and also explaining its use. By using such tactics, the grantor will want to be a shareholder. They will also want to be actively involved in some of the projects within the company.