Academy of Art University Dazzles at NY Fashion Week

Published / by soundproof

New York Fashion week is known for its stunning display of fashion and style. One of its highlights was the Academy of Art University showcase. Ten graduates brought out various new womenswear and menswear. It was a dazzling display, all fit into a quarter of an hour. The designers who designed those clothes were very diverse and came from all over the world.


The Academy of Art University, also known as the Academy of Art College (its previous formal name), is a private school in San Francisco. It has over twelve thousand students, with hundreds of full time teachers and more than one thousand part time teachers. It is the largest privately owned art and design school in the country, and it owns a lot of property in San Francisco.


It was founded as the Academy of Advertising Art. It was started in 1929. It also contains an automobile museum.


The university was founded by Richard Stephens. He believed that there were many aspiring artists and designers out there who could become shining stars. All they needed was for someone to teach them and help them bring out their talent. He believed that anyone should be accepted into an art institution, because everyone has a hidden talent that can be perfected and brought out into the open. Graduates of the university have been hired by top brands and companies, including Apple. The university keeps in touch with the latest trends in art and fashion and design. It is strongly passionate about the vision of its founder. They also offer online education.


The university stays true to its mission. It accepts everyone who fulfills the basic requirements of art. It teaches a disciplined approach that lets students develop their very own style and personality. There is a dedicated staff of professional artists and designers who are committed to seeing their students succeed. It operates in an urban area so that students can learn from the various cultures that surround them. There is an environment that provides for creativity and inspiration. There are various programs for students so that they have a wide range of options.