Academy of Art University Students and Endgame Work

Published / by soundproof

Avengers: Endgame has inevitably proven to be a box office hit. Grossing $156.7 million on its initial release day and completely bypassing the $2 billion mark within its first 11 days of release, Avengers: Endgame has official made history by landing itself as the second largest film in all of the history of media entertainment. Despite the movie’s extremely long run time, that did not deter fans from enjoying what is expected to be the final installment of the Avengers franchise. At least, as far as we currently know it to be.

There are those who have had the immense privilege of working alongside some of the greatest talents in the film industry on this huge project. A handful of them are graduated alumni from the Academy of Art University. These brilliant alumni students are Megan Dolman, Ioanna Mailli, Vanessa Cook, Scott Brisbane, Heriyanto Tio, Matt Smith, Anuj Anand, and Jan Philip Cramer. These special alumni have graduated from different areas of specific study at Academy of Art University, though their interests do fall under the very wide film industry related umbrella. Animators, digital painters, compositors, and otherwise, are included in this list of all star crew members.

Academy of Art University works its very best to foster some of the leading minds in most art industries that currently exist. The school itself is considered one of the largest and diverse schools, catering specifically to artistic fields, in all of the United States. Though the school’s efforts don’t stop there. AAU has its own basketball team, as well. This shows the pure variety that is appreciated at AAU, since recreational sports also holds an importance for a well fleshed out curriculum.

The school celebrates a unique hands-on approach to learning, in over 20 artistic fields. It holds an open door policy, which means that those who wish to attend AAU do not need to have any sort of demo reel or portfolio already put into place and ready to be shown, in order to receive acceptance into the program. Rather, AAU works with people from all stages of growth in their chosen fields and works with students to have the best chance at finding employment at studios of their choices after graduation.