Achievements of Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital

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Marc Sparks is not only the founder but also the owner as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Timber Creek Firm. This adds up to his role as a philanthropist, an author as well as a serial entrepreneur. His broad acknowledgment is alongside his outstanding ability to turn the feasible ideas into the business practice.

He is the author of the book; They Can’t Eat You. It describes his entrepreneurial journey. It acts as a motivation and encourages the rest to exploit their potentials. Marc’s donations in favor of Habitat for Humanity is an instance of his philanthropies. The aim associated with the team is the construction of affordable housing facilities to help shelter families. Sparkey’s Kids refers to Marc’s non-profit making initiative. It often donates in the form of laptops to the children at risk alongside American Can! Academy. Learn more:

Starting in the late 1980s, Sparks has been working together with a shelter for the homeless based in Texas. It is referred to as The Samaritan Inn. Its capacity is a hundred and sixty per night, and it is essential to those in need.

Being a serial entrepreneur as well as the owner of a private equity company, Marc Sparks gives service to the entrepreneurs in the development of new enterprises into firms that generate revenue. He outlines that the procedure of setting up a business starts with the construction of a model and the acquirement of resources to facilitate success.

With his experience, he says that a working environment that is not only quality and conducive but also collaborative exceeds a quarter of the entire requirements needed to succeed. His experience also equipped him with a substantial know-how of the challenges as well as the severe circumstances that entrepreneurship might potentially bring. He is passionate about utilizing his expertise to assist the entrepreneurs to structure their dreams as well as their firms appropriately.

Timber Creek Capital refers to an equity firm and is private. The focus of the company is to transform the goals of the passionate entrepreneurs towards services and products that facilitate revenue generation. A couple of services are offered at the Company’s office based in Dallas, Texas. Such services include the initial capital, equipment, accounting, web development, expertise, banking, marketing, and support staff. They also provide office space, legal, graphic arts, customer service, intellectual capital, merchant banking, and networking.

It is remarkable that the firm has an entrepreneurial experience that exceeds thirty-five years regarding the supervision of businesses from their time of establishment until they become successful.

Having seen all the levels of failure and success in entrepreneurship is what qualifies Timber Creek Capital, under Marc Sparks’ leadership, to facilitate the transformation of the entrepreneurial ideas into successful business models.