Advice From Expert Donata Meirelles

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For more than thirty years Donata Meirelles has been considered an expert in the fashion industry. Meirelles is one of the biggest fashion references in Brazil and across the globe. Meirelless is the head of Daslu, as international buyer. She has been recognized by French magazine L’officiel as one of the top five buyers in the entire world. See more of Donata Meirelles fashion and style at Fashionismo.

Donata Meirelles believes in the power of a good smell. For years working for Daslu she made a point to make sure her business always smelled good. She believes that a good smell can really impress customers and even become part of the overall brand. This is an idea that she believes should extend beyond store and hotels and into our homes. Meirelles recently sat down with Vogue magazine to share some of her fashion tips concerning smell.

Meirelles believes in using candles to make the home smell good. She is convinced the ideal spot to place candles in the home is at the entrance of the home. This is a great way to impress guess and create a cozy atmosphere. Other important rooms in the house to place candles includes the main room, a library and the wash room. These are spots in the house that are frequently occupied. One spot that she does not advice putting candles in is the bedroom. Despite the fact that people often occupy this room, candles in this spot tend to interrupt sleep patterns.

Donata Meirelles recommends lighting candles in the evening. The aroma tends to last into the next day and will greet the homeowner after work. Meirelles has done her homework and recommends the following candle brands: Diptyque, Tânia Bulhões, and Jo Malone. Meirelles has many years of experience and has tested her candle theory many times. Following her advice should lead to a very nice smelling home. Connect: