Agera Energy, championing for sustainability

Published / by soundproof

Climate change has been a growing concern all over the world. Energy consumers have become warier of the type of energy they use and are demanding more green and sustainable energy solutions. Agera Energy, a nationwide retail energy supplier, is adjusting to accommodate these changing needs.

Pure wind

Agera Energy has developed a product that seeks to satisfy environment conscious buyers. The ‘pure wind’ was designed with sustainability in mind. The Renewable Energy Certificates (Recs) is equivalent of one Megawatt of electricity and is sourced from certified windfarms all over the United States of America. Agera Energy in itself has obtained approval from Green-e to sell renewable energy. With this product, customers will now be able to substitute 50%or even 100% of their energy consumption with renewable energy.

Agera Energy has been able to increase the market for renewable energy through its over 1.8 million customers. This improves environmental sustainability unlike the use of traditional energy which contributes to climate change.

LED lighting

Agera Energy also provides installation of LED lights to its clients. Led lights are famed for providing better lighting, lasting longer and also reducing energy use by about 20% hence saving costs and energy. Aside from that, LED lighting reduces Carbon (IV) oxide emissions and heat which help in environmental sustainability.

Agera Energy promotes LED lighting by filling rebates on behalf of its clients as well as Including the cost of installation in the monthly bills as opposes to customers paying from their own funds.

The efforts of Agera Energy in providing environmentally sustainable products have set it above its competition. Its innovative and futuristic approach is indeed one to be emulated.