Alex Pall Explains It All

Published / by soundproof

Alex Pall, one half of the duo The Chainsmokers with Andrew Taggert, explained in an interview where he and Andrew Taggert are going with their music and why Andrew Taggert started singing on their tracks. The duo start off by saying exactly how they met and got started back in 2013/2014. They both started making their own dance music on their own, Pall was just doing it on the side while working and going to school while Taggert was producing more full time. When Pall first met Taggert, they hit it off instantly.

From world views to where they wanted to go musically they agreed on it all. It was at this point that Alex Pall quit his job to start producing full time and Andrew Taggert moved to NYC from Maine to work together with Pall. They started working with different songwriters and artists and released singles like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses.” However the duo began to want more and felt like their music needed a new spin on it. That’s when they wrote the song “Closer.” The song itself includes Halsey as well, but Taggert it also singing in it. The new spin they wanted for their music was found. Taggert would become the lead singer for the duo and Alex Pall would do more of the producing. They wanted to evolve in their music, not to be formatted to a certain way or typecast to just working with other artists. They also wanted to include different inspirations to their music, not just the dance music type style they were already known for. In “Closer”, They added styles of hip-hop and pop as well as their electronic sounds to give it the new sound they were looking for. The result they got was a huge hit. Pall did say they wanted to keep advancing their music and that is what they did, especially with Taggert singing, which is rare in their genre of music, where DJ’s don’t usually sing in their own tracks.