Are Hedge Funds Passe? Sahm Adrangi Discusses

Published / by soundproof

Sahm Adrangi, noted financial expert and founder of Kerrisdale Capital, is one of today’s foremost experts on the financial world and how to operate effectively within it. He recently explored the question of whether or not Hedge Funds were passe in a podcast where he defended Hedge Funds as still being an important part of your financial portfolio on the podcast Behind The Idea.

Sahm Adrangi argued that even in a bullish market traditional methods like Hedge Funds were still important to the overall sustainability of a portfolio. The advice of picking good stocks on the long side is one that that Sahm Adrangi tends to use as a guiding principle for his business- as well as a technique that he imparts to his customers, but there are some additional challenges in terms of investments and the changing market. With the market being on the cusp of change at the moment, how is the stock market evolving and how should you evolve to stay current?

There are two particular elements addressed by Sahm Adrangi in the podcast, specifically land acquisition and new markets like adtech. How do we effectively navigate these areas while still keeping true to the traditional principles of investing? Going through new financial waters can be difficult, especially since regulations change all of the time and present new opportunities for learning.

They also dove deep into how to effectively break down Proteostasis’s data and what we should take from the St. Joe business model. Is it a cautionary tale or a roadmap to help propel us to greater success? The team goes very far into these very important topics.

The podcast, Behind The Idea, delves into these issues with the expert knowledge of Sahm Adrangi and other industry titans, Shane Wilson and Mike Ranieri. It provides a good roadmap for moving forward with smart investments and making the best decisions for personal gratification and growth. Behind The Idea is famous for delving into matters of particular financial concern and those that are most timely in an attempt to open up a dialog about making smarter financial calls.