ARES Benefits From A Minority Recapitalization Arranged By Madison Street Capital

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Recently, Corbel Structured Equity Partners played an active role in providing ARES Security Corporation with a minority equity and subordinated debt investment. The transaction, which was arranged by the Madison Street Capital, was announced to the public by the company’s chief executive officer, Charles Botchway.


Reginald McGaugh, the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital, led the minority capitalization transaction. Speaking about the deal, McGaugh said that it was an honor to work with Ares Security Corporation and Ben Eazzetta. He noted that the president and shareholder of Ares provided his team with a favorable working environment that resulted in the successful completion of the transaction. In addition, McGuagh posited that the superior management team and board of Ares challenged his team to find the appropriate financing partner. His team reviewed and analyzed the profiles and the achievements made by different corporations before settling on Corbel. This information was originally mentioned on Benzinga as provided in this link


Ben Eazzetta was also pleased with the success of the transaction. He praised Madison Street Capital’s team for their exemplary services. He further noted that working with the investment banking firm was satisfying as the firm conducted the entire process professionally. McGaugh’s team ensured that due diligence, valuation analysis, and capital raising strategies were conducted to the satisfaction of ARES Security.


Ares Security Corporation is based in Vienna. The company provides clients with world-class security solutions that protect some of the world’s most critical assets, including complex systems managed by governments, energy, nuclear, and transport industries. Owing to the successful transaction, the company will now be able to expand its operations and enhance the quality of its products. To this end, the company’s bottom-line will increase, thus providing shareholders with more dividends.


The choice of Corbel Structured Equity Partners for the transaction was a strategic move by Madison Street to ensure that the deal is completed on time. The company, which was founded in late 2013, has a structured equity fund with over $95 million of assets under its management. This money is invested in lower middle-market companies where they earn higher returns. Notably, the success of the minority recapitalization transaction enhanced Madison Street Capital reputation.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a renowned investment bank whose headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. Over the years, the corporation has been providing clients with innovative services, including merger and acquisition, valuation services, financial opinions, and corporate financial advisory. The international investment banking firm has been operating as a going concern because of its three major pillars: integrity, excellence, and professionalism. The firm believes in the power of information. To this end, they regularly update their clients on various issues such as market trends through private emails.




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