The Wonderwoman of Investment Management: Jana Lightspeed

Published / by soundproof

Jana Lightspeed (or Jana Messerschmidt) is one of the most established female investment managers in the industry right now. And her name is so prominent because of the successes she has achieved. Besides being one of the key assets of Lightspeed’s consumer investing and advising team – she also has valuable and extensive experience in some of the most popular companies in our generation like being the Vice President for Global Business Development and Platform of Twitter, The Director of Business Development for Netflix, The Director of Strategic Accounts for Smartdrive Systems, and the Senior Manager of Global Accounts for DIVX. Jana has been one of the main innovators and leaders of Lightspeed ever since her appointment, and she is yet to make bigger waves for the company.

Jana is also one of the founding members of the company #ANGELS, which was established four years ago in 2015. The founding members of #ANGELS are veterans in their own respective fields and they invest in early stage ideas and businesses that have tremendous potential in changing the world for the better. Jana has already invested in 50 companies out of personal interest: Nurx, Restore, Carrot, Rival, Lovevert, Cameo, Forward, Bird, Vector Space, Buoyant, Carta, Eero, Prefer, and Winnie, to name a few.

Jana makes sure that she is an active member of the society and she has philanthropies that she holds dear to her heart. Jana Lightspeed is dedicated on: creating platforms that will uplift women, hosting events that will build a stronger community, propel diversity forward, and create an industry where equality fosters. Jana is passionate about creating an industry wherein women and the minorities are well represented because this is the key to having an industry where inclusivity and equality reigns supreme. Companies, and the industry in general, should include women and minorities in their goals and wealth creation.