Barbara Stokes Builds Comfortable Homes after Disaster Strikes

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Barbara Stokes is the founder and CEO of Green Structure Homes which is situated in Huntsville Alabama. It is a contracting business that specializes in disaster relief. GSH builds environmentally friendly homes that are energy efficient to members of the community who have been stricken by disaster and need to rebuild. The business is run by a woman, Barbara Stokes, and therefore the importance of shelter to families is deeply engraved in providing habitats for the good of humanity. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

The produces its own construction supplies; thus, quality is ensured. When GSH decided to offer charity to the Humanity Habitat, they provided them with brand new building supplies.

Green Structure Homes took charge of the housing project in Madison County by ensuring that the supplies to Madison County were transported by its own trucks. GSH provides the full package to disaster management from design, through implementation to the maintenance of fleet and warehousing. GSH comprises a team who are qualified to undertake feasibility studies, design and engineering, planning of land to engineering and design services.

Barbara Madison’s GSH has worked to impact the lives of people and her contribution to Habitat for Humanity greatly supported the organization’s efforts to provide proper and affordable housing for the residents of Huntsville. Habitat for Humanity solely relies on donations to operate.


Barbara Stoke believes that the housing ideas that have resulted in action have arisen from teamwork effort. With a team that supports the company’s vision, GSH is able to provide comfortable homes that are durable and safe. She also feels that the rise of women in the business sector and science, technology and mathematics fields is a great stride towards development and hopes that the trend continues. Just as she makes great efforts to construct safe and comfortable homes for other people, she believes that family is important and one should always strike a balance between work and family.

Barbara Stokes’s success in Green Structure Homes has been as a result of her keen attention to growth. She believes that if the abilities of the team grow, then employees are most likely to have a satisfying experience which translates to better working offering the best to customers. She says, for her, staying steps ahead of her competition gives her an advantage over the rest. Read more at Business Insider.