Bennett Graebner Knows How To Get You

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Reality television has been around for over 50 years. People enjoyed it because they’re everyday people and we sometimes picture ourselves in some of those predicaments, or so we wish. But, with time changing so has reality television. One of the things on television when it comes to reality shows that people love to watch is romance. Everyone gets caught up in the relationships on television because on some level they can relate, regardless of whether or not, it’s our lifestyle. That’s the magic of the show (Metacritic).


Bennett Graebner has that skill and magic as a reality show executive producer to do just that.


Bennett Graebner, who was born in Buffalo, New York in 1971, is a well known film and television producer. Bennett is the producer of The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Love at First Kiss. Bennett Graebner had expressed how he wanted to get into a field where he could be creative at an early age. To begin that quest, he attended Vassar College as an undergrad where he studied English and graduated as a Phi Beta Kappa. 


From there, he went to the University of Southern California’s school of cinematic arts where he studied film as well as many technical aspects of film production. After getting his education, Bennett Graebner had worked his way up the ladder by doing various jobs like intern, production assistant, and second assistant director. He experienced jobs relating to production, which he knew would help him have a better understanding of it. He would learn all he could about how behind the scenes work to help prepare him for becoming a producer.


It’s also why he is known for being good to work with on the set because of his past work experiences. Bennett Graebner award winning success with the shows he produces comes from understanding what people want to see and experience on the screen. The quality of his show’s dramatic elements are drawn from real life events that flow in such a captivating way, the audience feels compelled to stay tuned in to see what will happen next.

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