Betsy DeVos Takes Immediate Action To Improve The State Of Education For Every American Family

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Betsy DeVos has been in office for two years. She has worked hard as the 11th US Education Secretary. However, it hasn’t been an easy road. At every turn, she has been criticized for her beliefs in educational choice. That hasn’t stopped her from campaigning across the country. Educational choice allows students to pick a school other than the one where they are zoned by residence. In recent years, there have been problems with schools in certain areas that have been dubbed “failing school districts.” In other cases, parents don’t want to send their kids to Common Core method schools.


Betsy DeVos has a hard time appeasing everyone in today’s current political climates, but she does her best to put students first. She talked about this in detail during her interview with “60 Minutes” and Lesley Stahl. As Stahl brought out statistics about standardized testing, DeVos still referred back to the point. Parents and students are stuck in school districts that don’t excite them or speak to their interests. Many of these schools are teaching Common Core, which has also caused a lot of problems for students.


In the 1990s, DeVos fought for educational choice in Michigan. She continued to fight, including the proposal of “Kids First! Coalition” to the Michigan house in 2001. However, it was rejected. Still, she went on to propose many other laws and contribute to the educational choice movement through philanthropy. She has donated over $35 million through DeVos Family foundation, and there have been plenty of other donors who have backed up her campaign.


In fact, she has donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton, who also believe in educational choice. While there several problems facing America’s schools, one of the most dangerous is campus safety. President Trump placed DeVos in charge of leading school safety reform in 2018 after the Parkland shooting. It became clear to Betsy DeVos that many people wanted teachers to have guns, as well as other administrators on campus. However, DeVos sought security policies that would deter guns on campus while not bringing in more guns.


Many of these policies went into place before the new school year in 2018. Since that time, there have been no school shootings, and students feel more prepared thanks to better security and drills. While there are still many other policies to create to prevent guns on campus, DeVos continues to work hard and tours the country visiting schools in many districts. First Lady Melania Trump has been touring with DeVos in the past month.


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