Betterworks Announces New Team Edition Product

Published / by soundproof

Betterworks is performance management software designed to give their clients the necessary tools to help their companies become more productive and generate more revenue. Betterworks keeps track of important data that companies can use to improve their cash flow.

Betterworks provides company managers with the necessary tools to delegate different objectives and track progress through an easy to use menu that keeps everything organized. Every task displays a percentage to completion, so everyone has a direct idea of how the process is going. Performance managers have the ability to customize different tasks to make sure that they align with the goals of the company.

Recently, Betterworks announced the release of their new Team Edition. The product offers a unique package of performance management tools to help meet the needs of different enterprise teams and businesses that are seeking to increase their performance. Betterworks is confident that Team Edition will provide the latest advancements in performance management technology and best practices to companies.

Team Edition allows more than 80 people to set up goals through identifying objectives and key results. The system allows for continuous interaction between managers and employees to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Companies can create marquee goals so that every employee is aware of their top priority. Employees can also set up personal goals that they would like to obtain. Team Edition promotes cross-functional team goals.

Team Edition offers real time course corrections. The system strives to make sure that every employee’s goals aligns with the goals of the company at the start of every quarter. Managers can also schedule mid quarter goal progress check in conversations to help improve goal attainment. Team Edition has conversation templates to help managers create better business outcomes. Team Edition also offers live group and on-demand webinars, as well as in product coaching guides. Betterworks says that Team Edition offers quarterly and annual plans for their customers.