Betterworks creates “Team Edition” to help small and medium sized businesses

Published / by soundproof

Betterworks is a continuous performance management solution that helps out businesses. They were founded in 2013 and give businesses the tools to improve their standing. They do this by allowing brands to map out objectives for employees and track them.

 The platform offers many different features such as being able to communicate with managers and much more. The company wants to be able to help out other businesses. It can be the right way for a business to take the next step and is ideal for companies that are new to the industry.

Betterworks has officially revealed their new product called “Team Edition.” According to the post, this addition will help both small and medium-sized businesses. The product further helps businesses cement their credibility and increase their performance in the business field.

One of the features of the “Team Edition” is that up to 100 individuals can set goals on a team. The company decided to make this service to help other upcoming companies who have just started out in the industry. Individuals will still be able to do everything similar to other services with the package of setting goals, communicating with managers, and having live support. Different payment plans such as quarterly or annual are available for this edition. Betterworks have stated that they made this addition to help out small businesses.