Betterworks Offers Solutions to Help Businesses Maximize Employee Performance

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Regardless of the industry or niche that your business concentrates on, one thing is inherently certain: each company is rooted in its employees.

Studies have shown that there are proven benefits associated with focusing on engaging and motivating your people. One study reveals that companies that have high employee engagement rates have 20 percent higher sales numbers and are 21 percent more profitable than competitors who do not focus on employee engagement. If your organization needs to improve in this area, there are a few ways to accomplish this critical goal.

Take a Forward-Thinking Approach to Performance

Most businesses conduct annual performance reviews. The result is generally outdated feedback for employees and a headache for managers. A different approach is for managers to connect with employees more frequently so that they receive regular and timely feedback. This can be achieved through Continuous Performance Management® solutions, such as the one offered by Betterworks. Betterworks provides managers with a real-time look at performance, goal-meeting, and more. It also enables timely feedback.

Support Your Managers

Through solutions like Betterworks, your managers can access analytics, status updates, and other information in real time that supports them in their efforts. Managers can become better leaders and more easily align their teams around the top objectives of the business. More than that, they can work more efficiently while improving their effectiveness.

Motivate Your Team

Employees are motivated to do their best when they have specific and attainable goals. They also need to clearly see that their goals and efforts support the company’s goals. Betterworks enables team members to view the status of their goals and visualize the impact that their efforts are having. More than that, the program enhances an individual’s ability to grow and develop in their position so that they can become even more effective.

Now is the time to transform your business so that it focuses on supporting and improving employees. Take time to learn more about the features of Betterworks as your preferred Continuous Performance Management® solution.


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