Brian Bonar:A Top Dog in the Who’s Who of Finances

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Brian Bonar is a highly regarded venturist and capital specialist (he attained his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University) located in the San Diego area with over 30 years of experience. He is the CEO and Founder of Dalrada Financial Corporation which he established in 1999.

Dalrada Corporation provides financial services and programs to businesses such as payroll and tax administration for low cost supplementation. Brian has an ardent goal in the successful implementation of design technique and composition. Mr. Bonar’s forte lies in contract administration, Mergers and Acquisitions, marketing strategy, capital procurement, and new design expansion. Listed below are a few services Dalrada provides for their customers.

  • Tax Strategy Solution
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Tax Deferred Benefits
  • Aetna Limited Benefits Plans
  • Payroll Advance

Considered an innovative pioneer among his constituents, Brian Bonar strives to bring his client’s financial aspirations to full fruition through his team’s collective efforts and strategy. Mr. Bonar has extensive experience in commercial trade, multi-family housing development and even the aviation industry.

This affords his clients with an upper-edge in the successful procurement of their capital goals. Brian was recently recognized as the coveted “Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance.” He was chosen distinctly for his supremacy in leadership, business achievements and scholastic acquisitions.

Brian’s early on professional history began at the renowned IBM Corporation as a manager who procured outside sources to market the company’s motherboards and personal computers to. In the following four years Bonar successfully managed over 100 software engineers for QMS Global Group. His career in the printing technologies industry grew extensively when he became Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation. Here, he neighbored with big conglomerate Asian companies with printer assembly and production. One of Bonar’s biggest achievements was establishing Bezier Systems in 1994 and went on to invent the first SCSI printer.

He also established himself as CEO of Smart-Tek and President of Allegiant Professional Business Services. In 2011, he became chairman of Trucept (a company offering insurance products and services.) It’s quite remarkable that Brian accomplished all of this while still heading up Dalrada.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar likens his company’s mission to its namesake legend (Dalrada’s stone of destiny). The stone of destiny is a religious artifact that was used by monarchs in establishing their rite of passage and personified honor, inventiveness, high merit and commitment.

In like fashion, Dalrada holds true to the same standards in performance with the goal of perseverance, valor, dedication and vision. Mr. Bonar has earned a monumental reputation for excellence in business and industry technologies through his vast prolific ventures and commitment to excellence and integrity.

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