Bridget Scarr: A super Lady

Published / by soundproof

If you do not know Bridget Scarr, here is a chance for you to know her. Bridget Scarr is more than a writer and producer. In the field of production, she is super creative. She has an extensive knowledge of creating best content that can be used on all platforms. Her work resonates with large audiences who use virtual reality, digital devices, interactive exhibition and augmented reality. For those who have come across any production work done by Bridget Scarr, they are affected both intellectually and even emotionally in a positive way.


With 15 years in the production industry, Bridget is the best in all types of manufacturing technology. Her main areas of production specialization include TV, animation, and advertising. With her extensive and in-depth experience in this challenging field, she has been given many opportunities for overseeing creative and technical production outputs from programming, lifestyle, entertainment, animation and many more teams.


At the moment, Bridget Scarr is the head of Colibri Studios which is the only best studio which is run by a lady. In this organization, she is involved in all types of products and also collaborating with broadcasters, nurturing young creative talents and project partnership with other organization in and outside the country.


Every person has a business idea in mind, but a big idea like starting Colibri Studios is something big for a woman. According to Bridget, the idea of a studio just come from her need to unit people’s ideas and produces something constructive. Colibri Studios was born when she shifted her career to content creation. This became a home for her ideas and a resting place which collects her ideas together in one umbrella.


For any work to be successful, you need to plan well on how to work. You should have your active hours, flexible hours and resting hours. According to Bridget, 9 am -12 pm are her productive hours. This is the time she does her productive job. In this period of the day, all her mind is always focused on working and producing original content for her projects. For most people, lunch is taken away from home. This is contrary to Bridget because this is the only time she has with her family – Lunchtime. During this time of the day, they will sit on the table and talk family issues while taking lunch. Most of do not have meditation in our schedule of the day, but to Bridget, meditation starts her day and ends it.


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