Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade’s Efforts in Ensuring Caoa Grows

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the current chairman and founder of CAOA which is an automotive assembler and distributor. He is a graduated in medicine, but he shifted his career to the automotive segment. His interest in the sector began when he ordered a Ford Landau from a Ford dealership, but the vehicle was not delivered to him because the company went bankrupt. He, therefore, proposed that the resale of the company be passed to him to compensate for the payment he has made.

After the dealership was passed to him, he named it CAOA. Within a few years, the company grew to be the largest Ford dealership. The company also became the official importer of Subaru and Hyundai brands. Dr. Carlos did an exemplary work in ensuring that the company repositions its brand. To increase the sales of the company, he made massive investments in marketing and promotions.

The first year of the CAOA in the industry, saw it grow its sales significantly which made it improve its position in the market share ranking to 15th from 20th. Dr. Carlos believed that further advancement will be achieved if new products are launched. Early this year, CAOA presented Tiggo2 which attracted high sales for the company. In the last Motor Show, the company presented various electric and hybrid models. In addition, the company presented Arrizo5 sedan which is already in stores within Brazil.

Dr. Carlos is feeling happy and honored because he is certain that the company is on the right track and everyone knows the commitment and pride that the company has in relations with their partners. Dr. Carlos is working so hard to ensure that the goals of the business are met by launching new brands in the market. The company uses advanced technologies to strengthen its relationships with its partners and make the company the largest distributor in Brazil.

In less than four decades CAOA has managed to surpass the mark of 1 million cars sold in Brazil. Currently, CAOA conducts its operations in all parts of Brazil. The success of the company is as a result of Dr. Carlos’s efforts.

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