Cloudwick helps corporations save millions with better data systems

Published / by soundproof

Data science is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. Data systems that were considered state of the art just a decade ago are now rapidly becoming obsolete. For corporations that are stuck using these now-antiquated systems, the challenge of migrating all of their data and analytics to a newer system can seem daunting. But the consequences for not doing so can be dire.

That’s why Cloudwick was formed. Cloudwick is a data science company that is dedicated to helping corporations take the step into the next generation of data systems with ease and at a minimum of cost. By making heavy use of open-source and low-cost solutions, including Amazon Web Services, Cloudwick can help large corporations undergo the often-stressful transition from legacy data storage and management systems into cutting-edge data structures like data lakes and the powerful machine-learning capabilities that can run on top of them.

Data lakes are a game changer

Cloudwick specializes in the creation of data lakes for large corporate applications. The company is one of the only firms to hold an Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner certification as well as an APN Big Data Competency certificate. This is the result of Cloudwick helping to create and manage more than 50,000 Big Data clusters on the AWS service, many in the form of data lakes. This also makes the company the single largest manager of data lake structures on the AWS system.

With so much experience in the creation of data lakes and the migration of reams of corporate data from legacy storage systems, The firm has been able to develop a rock-solid three step process that allows for the successful and complete migration of corporate data and analytics from one system to another. Because of the risks previously involved with such projects, including the risk of losing vast quantities of irreplaceable proprietary data, this three-step process is a groundbreaking development, which has all but completely eliminated the risks involved in corporate data migration.

Cloudwick is also one of the leading experts in data-lake-based security systems as well as machine-learning for business intelligence. For more information, please visit their website.