David McDonald on Secrets that Has Made OSI Group Successful in China for the Last Twenty Years

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David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, a leading food provider in the world. He was featured in an interview and he talked about the strategies the company used to venture into the Chinese market. They discussed about the company’s success in China for the last twenty years.

OSI Group marks more than twenty years operating in China and as it celebrates the successes, they are looking back on what have been their catalysts in the competitive market. OSI being a US-based company, it had to be local to bring solutions to local customers in China. It sought to understand the market and tailor solutions to satisfy the needs of the Chinese consumers. It realized that solutions that applies to Americans are not necessarily applicable to Chinese consumers.

David McDonald also outlined how important it was for the company to stay flexible while staying on course on their lane of principles. The largest provider of processed meat products in the world noted that food safety and product quality was also important to Chinese consumers. Beyond that, they were patient enough to understand the business culture in the region. When venturing into the market, the OSI Group fraternity listened first before bringing solutions to China. It went in with an open mind knowing that building relationships takes time and trust is earned over a period of time.

Customers across the world do business with businesses they trust. It is a culture that is common for all corners of the world. It takes a lot of time to build trust, the reason why the company wasn’t in a hurry in their endeavors in China. The company made trips across the region to invest in personal time and get what consumers are saying on the ground.

If you think venturing into China was a walk in the park, you’re wrong. OSI faced its share of challenges and hurdles. However, they relied upon patience, understanding the local market, understanding the business culture and building relationships for the business to pick up. According to David McDonald, engaging with different agencies and building partnerships were instrumental in overcoming infrastructural and technical hurdles.

About David McDonald: gazetteday.com/2018/04/century-innovation-osi-group/