David McDonald, OSI Group President

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David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa. He started his career after graduating with a degree in Animal Science. While working at the North American Institute as the chairman, he began his career with the OSI Group as a project manager. David McDonald worked his way up the ladder earning the role of company president and the chief operating officer. The Iowa State University graduate has helped the OSI group attain unprecedented growth making it a worldwide company that serves more than 70 countries.

Work Background

David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University. He graduated with a degree in Animal Science. While at the University, he was the recipient of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Interested in utilizing the available resources to impact his University, he is an active member of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative.

How he Helped Improve OSI Group’s Sustainability

While at OSI Group, he has made tremendous strides in the food processing industry. The industry is a worldwide food provider that is committed to delivering services and products to its potential customers. He has worked with the company for more than 29 years, and he has helped develop a company that is known in the entire world. Due to the popularity of the company in more than 70 countries, David McDonald commits himself to maintain a logistics company team that can compete and carry on with the constantly evolving international market. With his ability to handle technical issues, he has helped the Group to establish dynamic partnerships with local customers. He has also helped the company to develop culturally sensitive company products to meet the needs of customers.

About Baho Food

The president and the chief operating officer of OSI Group said that adding Baho Food to their Europe business has given the Group a broader presence in Europe. He also added that the company’s portfolio of brands and products complements the OSI Group’s current processing strengths while increasing their capabilities to serve their customer’s needs. The Baho food team of managers and the managing director will remain to be part of the OSI Group executives to help develop a growth strategy for the two combined companies.

Acquisitions That OSI Has Made

OSI Group happens to be the world’s leading proteins supplier which includes pizza, sausage, and beef patties. The group has over 50 facilities around the globe that are widely spread over different states and has its mega processing plant in China. One of the significant notable moves that the OSI Group has made was the acquiring of the Baho Food in the year 2016.