Doe Deere and How She Reached The American Dream

Published / by soundproof

Everyone wants to live the American Dream – to live, build a home and raise a family in the land of the free and in the land of golden opportunity. Everyone has dreamed of making it big in the United States – because as they say “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” And true enough to the claim, the United States has most of the best industry names in the world – which makes it ideal for any dreamer to have that as a set goal – to make it in the United States.


It’s hard to get in the United States with all the Immigration work and processes – and once you have gotten through that, you have one the start of the battle. Here you’ll find that it’s easy to get in the United States but it’s hard to survive in it, and much harder to make it big.


Xenia Vorotova learned this the hard way. Hailing from the Soviet Union, and growing up as a Jew – she has always admired the culture of the United States through media and pop culture. And so naturally, Xenia’s heart grew close to the culture and wanted to move and live in the United States.


By the time she reached 17 years old, she persuaded her mom and her younger sister to move with her to the United States to try the life out there – and there they did.


Remember how immigration processes take a long time? This is exactly what happened to Xenia and her family – her mom was a successful accountant back in their hometown, but the papers were taking too long and they wouldn’t hire her without the proper papers. And so this went on for months and they ended up being homeless and transferring shelters.


But one day, the pickaxe hit gold and light shone upon them – after dark days came their lighter days and now Xenia has formed herself into a successful woman under the name of Doe Deer, now an owner of a huge makeup brand, Lime Crime. Xenia or Doe Deere, is an ultimate manifestation of reaching for the American Dream!