Dr. Sameer Jerujikar

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A plastic surgeon out of Dallas, Dr. Jerujikar knows how to minimize the scarring that occurs after plastic surgery. His instructions for protecting the scars are as follows: rule #1, protect your scars from the sunlight, rule #2, judge properly what you products you place on your scar, rule #3, silicone strips have become the standard in scar care, and the 4th rule is to talk to his office if you have questions. For rule #1, you either stay out of the sun or use sunscreen on your scars to protect them from the major burns that could result from staying in the sun too long.

Rule #2 involves being wary of what you put on your scar, such as not putting hydrogen peroxide onto your scar as well as not putting antibiotic ointments. Hydrogen Peroxide destroys bacteria and quits activating the proteins you need for the scar to heal. Antibiotic ointments affect the appearance of scars while most patients develop an allergy with contact dermatitis well after several weeks of antibiotic treatment. A huge myth is that Vitamin E works for scars when it does not as studies have also found that Vitamin E can be harmful. Silicone strips from rule #3 help your incision heal faster because the strips affect your scar by reorienting and remodeling collagen. Rule #4, bring your scars to your surgeon if they look different from what they should look.

Dr. Jerujikar was given a Compassionate Doctor Award and the Patient’s Choice award. He had received his degree from the University of Michigan Medical School, having practiced medicine from 11-20 years of experience. Dr. Jerujikar accepts several different types of insurances. Dr. Sam Jerujikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has a membership at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. He has experience with plastic surgery on the face, butt, body, and skin. He is aware of the myths about breast implants such as using the same implants gives the same results for different people, when the truth is that people will get different results since each person’s body is different.