Enjoying the Summer with Genucel by Chamonix

Published / by soundproof

It’s official! Summer is here. Regardless of the time that has passed, it is not too late to take the steps necessary to protect one’s skin from nature’s elements during this time of year. Sunscreen can be used all year round but is more than likely recommended more during those hot summer days when the sun is more affectionate than usual. Staying inside and avoiding the rays of the sun can be an effective way to protect one’s skin but the summer is the best time to get out and enjoy the weather. It is unlikely this method will be effective for anyone looking to make the most of the beautiful sunshine and weather that is gifted to nature during this time of year.

However, there is no need to fret or make extreme attempts to avoid the rays of the sunshine. Simply having an effective skincare routine frees up any worries of the dangers of what this season can have on one’s skin and especially one’s face. Skincare routines are very popular nowadays thanks to the many social media and blog sites that spread awareness about the benefits following such a routine. One of the most common recommendations that are often shared is to drink plenty of water daily. Consuming water throughout the day carries not only internal benefits but external benefits as well. Water contributes to keeping the skin pliable and radiant.

While quenching one’s thirst throughout the day with plenty of water is a contributing factor for skin conditioning, so is implementing external treatments to one’s skincare regimen. This is where products like Genucel by Chamonix comes in handy. Genucel is a stem cell therapy-based skincare line that focuses on facial maintenance. This facial care line includes moisturizers and serums that when paired with a consistent facial cleansing routine, can wash away the elements of the environment. When left unattended to, these elements can possibly damage the skin but with a daily skincare routine, consisting of water, facial cleansing, and Genucel products, summer can be enjoyed without feeling the need to stay indoors for the season. To see more about Genucel visit nutshellnutrition.com