Fantasy Alarm: On Topic Article

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For hardcore football fans, it’s never too early to talk fantasy football. Team owners are closely scouting the NFL Draft to predict which rookies could make a significant impact on their roster. Fantasy football drafting has become more complicated then ever before because it’s difficult to choose the right players that help build a team as powerful as some MLB lineups, each having the potential to score at will.


Quarterback Position


Rookie quarterbacks are considered raw, but usually they have an accurate arm and quick footwork that helps them contribute on the fantasy scoreboard. Often, they’re surrounded with a questionable supporting cast, so it will take some time before a rookie quarterback can make an impact in fantasy leagues.


Running Back Position


The consensus top selection in any type of fantasy football draft is a highly coveted rookie running back that can slide into a starting lineup and make an immediate impact on the football field. Struggling franchises draft good runners to lean on them while rebuilding the rest of their roster. The expectations are they continue their college production into the pros. Adding a top-tier rookie running back to your fantasy team could be the difference in winning a championship.


Wide Receiver Position


The recent crop of rookie wide receivers has put up decent fantasy numbers by stepping into their respective team’s offense and becoming the No. 1 receiver in the passing game. Typically, teams draft a wideout because they want to stretch the field. Their fantasy production improves as the season progresses because suddenly they’re recognized as a top red zone target after making big catches in key games.


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