Felipe Montoro Jens’ Way Forward on Stationery Works in Brazil

Published / by soundproof

Felipe Montoro Jens is a very active figure in the infrastructure sector. He is currently an Infrastructure Projects expert. This holder of business degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation in Brazil mainly focuses on economic waste and how to find solutions that state governments and corporations alike can use to eliminate any waste to become more profitable.

He recently pointed out the several stationary works in Brazil that require immediate attention. According to his report, there are a total of 2, 796 infrastructure works in the country that are paralyzed at the moment. Of these works, 517 are those that relate to the infrastructure sector, which make about 18.5% of the total. The total costs of these stalled works amounts to an approximate of R $ 10.7 billion of the public funds. Read this article of Montoro Jens at empresassa.com

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, basic sanitation area is the most affected in these infrastructures. From the 517 totals, 447 buildings were interrupted during the implementation phase. There are a total of 30 incomplete highways, 16 airports, 8 urban mobility works, 6 ports, 5 railways and 5 waterways. Even if the country invests a little of the GDP in infrastructure (2%), so many other resources are going to waste as a result of these interruptions. Many projects do not get to generate any money for the society, which shows just how the public sector is failing in executing its projects.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ report however shows genuine reasons for these discontinuations. In some cases, companies that take up these projects abandon them sooner or later, maybe because of budgetary and financial issues. Other projects are abandoned halfway because of land ownership and expropriation problems.

His report has pointed out several recommendations that will enable Brazil to avoid these kinds of situations in the future. These are for instance:

  1. i) Work on their macro planning
  2. ii) Assess the best implementation modality

iii) Improve on micro-planning

  1. iv) Equip their teams better
  2. v) Create balance in their contracts
  3. vi) Strengthen internal controls.

Read: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/160655/investimentos-em-infraestrutura-sao-peca-chave-para-que-mato-grosso-amplie-sua-exportacao-de-soja-destaca-felipe-montoro-jens