Gino Pozzo Talks About The Football Business In Their Family

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Gino Pozzo is known for taking lower-division football clubs to the top leagues. He is the current owner of the Watford Football Club where he wants people to be fans. Born to football enthusiasts, he developed a passion for football at a young age. He grew up in Udine in Italy before leaving for the United States at the age of 18 to do a masters in Havard University. He married and relocated to Barcelona and then to London to oversee the daily activities of his newly acquired club, Watford.

Gino’s father acquired the Udinese Club in 1986 from the profits obtained in their woodworking business. The family owns an electrical appliance business and also focuses on finance and property mergers. Gino Pozzo is one of the most intelligent persons in the sports industry. The acquisition of Udinese was as a result of the difficult financial period by the team but Gianpaolo had the passion and commitment of helping them.

Udinese club went up to the Champions League within three seasons thus teaching a lot the Pozzo family. Gino Pozzo played a crucial role in the family’s decision in acquiring Granada F.C. which faced a 12 million debt then. The team did a great performance under Gianpaolo’s and Gino’s leadership and moved to the Primera Liga. Gino purchased Watford in 2012 with the belief that it was a big investment for the future. This is because it could stand a chance of playing in the English Premier League.

Players in the three teams are traded freely to benefit each one of them. Upon Watford’s achievement of rising to the English league, Gino Pozzo a huge portion of his Granada F.C. shares to Jiang Lizhang for 37 million pounds. The Pozzo family is said to be heading in the right direction since the Premier League is already making millions. He thinks that improving the skills of young players is a better strategy for a club’s success.