Glenn Schlossberg Is Excited About Camp Hitting The Runways

Published / by soundproof

Camp isn’t just for the drag shows and night clubs of New York anymore, it’s making its way into the fashion scene and CEO of Jump Design Group, Glenn Schlossberg, is delighted to see what the trend has to offer. From sequined drag queens to exciting costumes at a disco, camp has been an important part of the scene in New York City for decades and it is still going strong. During a time where a lot of fashion just seems the same, Glenn is watching camp make its way into some of the biggest fashion houses and brands throughout the world and especially in the United States. It has become so popular that the Met Gala featured it as its theme and celebrities were happy to be a part of it.

According to, each outfit on the big red carpet names was unique and expressed the true identity of the person who was wearing it. Glenn Schlossberg states that expressing one’s identity has always been an important part of the concept of camp as it is all about accepting who you are and showing the world. He states that the popularity of camp has been bringing big things to the world of fashion in New York as it is making some of these long-standing names embrace current pop culture in order to stay relevant to their audience. Change is important to the world and this is especially true in the world of fashion where many people become stagnant in their style.

The time is now when it comes to change and Glenn Schlossberg thinks embracing your own version of camp might be a great way to start. Everyone is different and camp is a great way to tell your own story to the world through fashion. Since 1990, Jump Design Group has been creating clothes for the world that fit the needs and styles of their many customers. The fashion group is based out of New York and makes sure that their fashion is produced in a timely manner that keeps up with the newest trends that are popular today. To see more about Glenn visit