Gustavo Martinez Believes New Technologies Can Provide Marketers With A Direct Window Into Their Customers’ Lives

Published / by soundproof

While Gustavo Martinez has been working with clients in the marketing sector for decades, he isn’t stuck in the strategies of the past. He serves as a consultant in the industry who helps startups to overcome the roadblocks that might otherwise impede their success. Instead of looking at marketing like a cookie cutter solution that can be applied exactly the same way every time and for every company, he sees it as an art that requires a creative touch. His insight has continued to help improve upon the way that companies have been reaching their target markets for a long time.


Gustavo Martinez isn’t afraid of the coming new age of technology. In fact, he is pretty excited about it because it will bring in many new ways of marketing to potential customers. One of the new technologies he is looking forward to is the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT refers to new technologies that connect existing devices, homes, automobiles, and many other common products to the internet or together so they can offer people a lot more. He believes there will be many opportunities to reach people through this emerging technology and knows that companies will be willing to pay a pretty penny to do so.


Gustavo Martinez was recently asked to reveal something he does that makes him a more productive entrepreneur. He revealed that he is always listening to people and making them feel like they are important. It is his opinion that he can learn something from anyone and that everyone has something interesting to offer up to the world. If he could go back in time, he would tell his younger self to be more willing to learn from a variety of people as this is what he does today.


Gustavo Martinez has never shied away from sharing his true opinion about how too many companies use philanthropy as a way of advertising their business. He feels that charity should be something that business leaders engage in to simply help people. He calls the kind of charity that many companies are engaged in today as a form of advertising. He believes this is so because of the way that many companies draw attention to themselves when giving.


Gustavo Martinez is a rare individual in the marketing world who has worked with many leading marketing companies in the past. As an entrepreneur, he believes in being generous, and he has been able to put together many solid marketing teams that are full of talented people he greatly appreciates. While Martinez has served in countless leadership roles within the companies he has worked with in the past, he is now happy to be working as a consultant.


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