Gustavo Martinez Feels Consulting Is A Nature Fit for Advertising And Marketing

Published / by soundproof

Gustavo Martinez has 35 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He was previously CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, which is one of the largest marketing firms in the world. He was also the president of both Olgilvy and Mather and McCann Worldgroup. These are both respected marketing firms. Prior to that, he worked about Henkel and Price Waterhouse.


Gustavo Martinez indicates that consulting is a natural fit for both marketing and advertising. To him, consulting has been such an integral part in both of these industries and has proven to deliver quality products for almost 100 years. He states that prior to becoming president and CEO of the firms he worked for, his experience had consisted mostly of consulting.


For him, creativity is that most important asset that an employee can contribute to marketing and advertising firms. Generally, the people that have this type of creativity do not follow the general pattern of what would be considered the most valued employees in other industries. In most industries, an employee that is on time, puts effort into their shift, and follows that general procedures for their job fit the mold of a valued employee. In advertising and marketing, creativity cannot fit into a standard time period of nine to five. Creative ideas can come at any time, and therefore the processes must be a lot more flexible and success is not so easily defined.


He indicates that there is also the business side of running an advertising or marketing firm, which is the side he has been most involved in lately. His job has not relied so much on the creativity end as it had previously.


The hiring process is also quite different. Since creativity is the driving force behind both marketing and advertising, they have to be extremely careful whom they hire. Firms are looking for those creative geniuses and realize that they may not fall into the typical nine-to-five professional atmospheres. Since that is the case, they generally work more on a consultant or independent contractor level.


Right now, Gustavo Martinez has started working with a company called UV Business Acceleration. Statistics indicate that within three years, 90 percent of new startup companies will fail. He is working towards getting them to understand how important advertising is for the success of these companies. He works with companies to get this advertising underway, which can streamline the consumer experience. The goal with this marketing strategy optimization is to improve the success of these businesses, so 90 percent are actually succeeding.


Gustavo Martinez feels that it is important to listen to others for ideas. Patience is also key. He also feels that charity is a big part of his life that keeps him appreciative of what he has.


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