Gustavo Martinez, the Advertising, and Marketing Consultancy Guru

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The world has experienced a change in almost every industry through technology. The individuals that keep the pace in these changes succeed significantly in their professions. Marketing and advertising is an industry that has undergone such changes. The modern marketing techniques require a high level of expertise to execute because of the advanced methods applied in the process. Gustavo Martinez is one of the big names in the advertising and marketing industry with expertise spanning to three and a half decades. His production of iconic ad campaigns experience is out of this world. Besides, his work has significantly changed the pop and general global cultures worldwide.

Since Gustavo Martinez started his career at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Henkel, the sky has remained the limit for the marketing guru. He went ahead to work as the Chief Executive Officer of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide before terminating his employment career as president for Olgilvy & Mather and McCann World Group. Since then, the talented advertiser provides consultancy services in the industry. He once pointed out that the new career gives him room to serve the industry better because he is capable of handling individual clients directly at his own pace. Besides, the results are always positive because he provides customized attention to the task.

According to Gustavo Martinez, Marketing and advertising involves arts and therefore becomes different from other careers. In that connection, everyone in the industry has a unique approach on the same hence the results. Martinez has handled different clients over the years with various ideas as a consultant. However, his unique approach to the industry through operating and creating new ideas puts him ahead of the pack.

For best delivery in the industry, Gustavo Martinez cooperates with UV Business Acceleration to help new businesses. He assists them in becoming professionals in the marketing industry within a short time after joining the industry. Martinez points out that the lack of necessary marketing skills is one of the primary causes of the failure of approximately 90% of the new businesses globally. His acceleration strategy revolves around helping his clients understand the benefits of technology design, market analytics, and functionality.

Gustavo Martinez admits that the era of trial and error in the industry is over and the new players must seek a professional approach to the industry due to the high level of competition in the industry. To avoid this approach, he utilizes Massive Data Heights in collecting data from the internet that contains review and insights from customers. The dynamic change in technology has made the Internet of Things dominate in every industry, including advertising and marketing. He advises the players in the industry to develop a culture of updating themselves to remain successful.


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