How An Early Twenty Something is Decluttering Email

Published / by soundproof

Jojo Hedaya and his best friend and business partner, Josh Rosenwald have come up with a genius way to help everyone declutter their email inbox. This genius product is known as Unroll.Me. This service is unique and it’s a long time coming. The ultimate goal is to help folks sort through all of their email as quickly and as easily as possible.


A few years ago, these two young men were on a mission to figure out how to simplify wading through their emails. When Jojo would send Josh an email, he would have to continually follow-up with Josh when he didn’t reply. Josh had so many emails in his inbox that he couldn’t find the emails that Jojo had sent. It was time to put their heads together and come up with a plan.


That plan was the making of Unroll.Me. This tool is designed to roll up all emails into one where it can be sorted out later. The ability to organize your email is now easier than ever, and it’s something that you can do with one click. Once you have all of your emails together, you can click on the box accordingly.


You can easily “rollup” the ones you would like to keep, and you may also bundle the emails that you would like to unsubscribe from all at once. Unroll.Me has business folks raving, and it’s saving a lot of people time and hassle. The best part, is the ones you want to keep will all be sent in the format of a newsletter the next morning so that you can review it at your leisure.


You can also choose the time that your newsletter comes to your email inbox. Everything about this email organization tool is designed to make your life easier and ave you a ton of time and frustration.