How EOS Created an Lasting Lip Balm Company

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EOS lip balm had very humble origins as a startup just over seven years ago when they were first formed to enter the lip balm industry. Since their creation, EOS has emerged as a major competitor that has battled global behemoths such as Pfizer which owns Chapstick and Clorox which owns Burt’s Bees.

EOS started with a plan to attack a segment of the market that contained numerous dissatisfied customers who were not able to purchase lip balms that they were interested in, namely products that did not contain artificial ingredients. EOS decided to pursue, after notable interviews with customers, female customers who happened to buy the most lip balm.  EOS lip balm decided to use substances like jojoba and coconut oil in their lip balm which lasted longer and better than the petroleum jelly that Pfizer used in their Chapstick brand.

Well, customers who tried EOS lip balm were satisfied with the product, but few customers were getting access to the product. EOS built out their distribution network by inking relationships with notable retailers who would carry their lip balm including Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and which improved access to their products. The pastel colored orbs that EOS used as part of their marketing process was notable and new and customers were attracted to these containers, allowing the brand to create a cohesive brand image.

To effectively manage this, EOS used innovative marketing methods such as using social media ( to spread their brand and using endorsements from notable bloggers and social influencers to grow their brand. These strategies let EOS emerge as one of the winners of the lip balm wars and forge a lasting brand.

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  1. EOS at that point approached promoting their items despite the fact that they were compelled with littler advertising spending plans than the opposition. It might have reneged on could have been something in which they did want to do and it makes sense that everything is coming to a complete halt for them which is not that easy too.