How Gareth Henry Used Math to Become a Good Investor

Published / by soundproof Henry was educated at the University of Edinburgh located in Scotland. The degree he earned was actuarial mathematics. He considered himself to be a math geek. Henry is great with math and finance who holds the position of Global Head of Investor Relations of Fortress Investment Group. He was able to create his business because he had the desire to speak to people regarding investments and liked raising capital.

Gareth Henry uses his day to make almost 10 calls to his clients, and he would a few face-to-face meetings. With phone calls and meetings, he is able to determine the needs of his clients. He believes he easily exceeds 1000 meeting when the road shows he goes on is considered. Henry believes a person dedicated to making business successful begins by providing the business with time. He believes passion and enthusiasm is a must when forming ideas. Henry must feel excited about an idea and truly must believe in the idea to support the idea.

Gareth Henry is interested in an emerging trend that involves blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He believes in the future cryptocurrencies will be a good investment. A trend that has Henry excited is the direct deal. The direct deal is an attractive method for clients who have the desire to complete a deal on their own. He believes a person must be active and position themselves to take advantage of opportunities that arise. Communication with clients will help you understand how to meet your clients’ needs and goals.

Gareth Henry feels feedback is important. You must ask for feedback to ensure you understand what goes on. For a business to be successful and grow, Henry believes business must have mentors. They will have the expertise to answer his questions when needed and ideas gained from mentors could be implemented to help business.

Gareth Henry in his past have taken on too much and it led to failure, but the failure taught him to use a good management structure, and there should be less five people that provides reports to company leadership directly. Henry believes the use of old technology helps him be more productive. According to Henry, there will be times that person must move a little slower to succeed. Gareth Henry Sees Opportunity For Investment Managers In UCITS Funds

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