How Glenn Schlossberg survives in the competitive fashion industry

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Glenn Schlossberg, the investor, and an entrepreneur combines efficiency to achieve his financial success with the art of reinventing his products as the original recipe of success in the fashion industry. He started his interest in the clothing designer career at an early stage learning the tricks from his father’s dress factory. He learned to create a garment slowly but sure and eventually mastered the whole process.

Even though Glenn didn’t get the formal education like other designers, he launched Jump design, a formal outfit for women designed for prom or homecoming. It emerged as the stepping-stone of his three decades successful career in the fashion industry.

Currently, Glenn Schlossberg owns more than ten labels in an industry that has witnessed the downfall of many designers. His success in the competitive fashion industry comes from his innovative skills and ability to study and predict the future of the fashion industry. The unique thing about Glenn is that he takes his research beyond the shop to the fast racing and motor cross events that help him understand the need for speed in everything including his business. With speed in these events in mind, Schlossberg has taken his company to higher levels in his fashion career.

The main difficulty in the fashion industry that Glenn has managed to overcome is the ability to create appealing designs, capitalizing on the consumer’s needs, and identifying the new trends in the market. It’s not an easy task to maintain a particular woman design in the market without the proper fashion business tips. His Jump design comprises of brands like Tiana B, the Onyx lines, Marina, Helene Blake, Annalee, Blue Sage, Jump, and Hope. These brands are available in many stores in not only the United States but also other countries worldwide. The Jump Design Group acquired the Susan Monaco women line recently, reports by

One of the pillars that make Glenn Schlossberg succeed in this business is his technique of researching fabric. He takes his research to countries like Korea and China to study fabric trends before introducing them to the market. The other pillar is by knowing the perfect locations of his businesses mostly targeting strategic points with excellent customer flow. Besides, Glen’s generosity by giving back to the community contributes to his success too. He supports the American Ballet that specializes in cancer research and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship that offers mentorship to the under-sourced youth. He mentors the youth on entrepreneurship and keeps on telling them to start because there is less to lose.