How Stratford Shields Built His Unmatched Financial Career

Published / by soundproof

Stratford Shields is a renowned person in the Northeast and Midwest finance industries. He runs Loop Capital Markets as the Managing Director, a company that operates from Chicago. Shields joined the Public Finance Investment Banking group at the peak of his career in the financial industry after leaving the government. He once served the Budget and Management Office of Ohio as the Deputy Director and State Controlling Board’s President.

Throughout his career in the municipal finance industry spanning to over two decades, Stratford Shields served in different high profile positions. He worked as the treasurer to the municipal finance industry association. Additionally, Stratford served the Municipal Division of SIMFA, Securities Industry Financial Markets Association as the Chairman and Vice Chairperson.

During his tenure, he pushed for the voluntary ban of the pay-to-play strategy used by the security firms that involved the prohibition of financial contributions for supporting bond ballot elections. Additionally, Stratford oversaw transactions worth over 30 billion for clients in cities, states, and universities. Besides, he facilitated transactions for sewer entities, toll roads, hospitals, airports, water, students’ loans projects, revolving funds, among others.

The finance guru made headlines during the 50-year concession of the University of Ohio’s parking system worth $483 million. Besides, the Bond Buyer branded the landmark transaction as the deal of the year in the non-traditional financing category because of its magnitude. Stratford Shields served the clients in the private and municipal finance sectors by assisting them with transaction structuring and credit strategies that helped them achieve better financial results.

Shields once worked for Morgan Stanley, one of the two companies he served at Wall Street as the Head of Finance. His five years in the company saw its performance improve significantly. Stratford Shields honed his skills at the Ohio and Columbia Universities and graduated with a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Political Science respectively. He also acquired his MBA from the University of Columbia that gave him the impetus to work in the government offices.