Igor Cornelsen Background and Career

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In October 1947, Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil. He went Federal University of Parana to enrol in engineering course in 1965 but after two years he left Engineering to take economic course due to his interest in numbers. In 1970, Mr. Igor graduated from the university and was lucky to get a job at Rio investment Bank because he was able to calculate compound interest rate using slide rules. In 1974, Igor Cornelsen was promoted to join the board of directors of the investment bank due to his great skills for investment sector.

Igor Cornelsen was announced the Chief Executive Officer of the multibanco’s investment bank only after two years in the board of directors, though Mr. Igor did not head the company for long since the Bank of America absorbed the investment Bank and so he had to move to Unibanco until 1985 when he started working for Libra Bank. Mr. Cornelsen then moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank with his colleagues from London as the members of board of directors to represent Brazil. That is when his salary was now paid in US dollars and he saw the opportunity of a new whole world of investment.

He worked for 7 years as a member of board of directors until he left in 1995. In 1995, Igor Cornelsen started his own company, Bainbridge Invetsment where he is the investment manager of the company. His success to creating his own company is due to enough experience in the investment field as he counted on his skills when he managed funds in stock market since his first job in 1971 for investment bank, Rio. The Bainbridge investment company now operates in Bahamas where it design long term investment for companies and identify feasible investments and offers advice on investment opportunities.