Isabel Dos Santos: A Businesswoman From Africa

Published / by soundproof

Isabel Dos Santos has an interesting philosophy on running a company. She grew up in business and has spent her life understanding the role of a leader in business. She has held many titles throughout her lengthy career. She is a dedicated successful entrepreneur. Isabel dos Santos is an executive and advisor to many companies. She has been a company founder as well. She has no one specific business industry she likes the best. The many industries she has been involved in include hospitality, finance, construction, technology, energy, education and entertainment and more.


Isabel Dos Santos has gained so much experience. Being a part of such diverse and different industries have truly sculpted her viewpoint on business. These experiences have crafted her into being a businesswoman that can be apart of many different companies and equally lead them both in Africa and business projects all around the world. Her skill set has been developed due to the many industries she has been a part of (Everipedia). 


Isabel Dos Santos’ journey to being a leading businesswoman has led her to phenomenal heights by aiding the continent of Africa. Her success does not stop in Africa. Her success shines truly through the world. For the continent of Africa, she has brought financial awareness, logistics, international affairs and relations experience and technology developments to her home continent. Dos Santos is a native of Angola. She became a multinational businesswoman on the continent of Africa. She has been able to unite people throughout Africa because of her ability to develop successful business ventures in many countries in Africa. She studied in England. 


This educational experience geared her towards living a life filled with diversity and an understanding of how different countries operate. Isabel Dos Santos attended college after receiving her primary and secondary education. She enrolled at King’s College. She chose electrical engineering as her major. Electrical engineering allowed her to explore her passion for technology and science. It also developed her ability to solve problems. 


Isabel Dos Santos is an achiever. She is a great businesswoman. She spends her time leading companies, motivating other business people, uplifting young girls and doing public speaking. She uses her platform to highlight how Africa can become a leading place for innovation and technology with the right leaders. 

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