Isabel dos Santos and Her Views on Constant Progress

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Isabel dos Santos is definitely not the sort of person to ever give up on something she sets her sights upon. In fact, if that something has the potential to change her life or her world in any way at all, even in the smallest of capacities, she will feel the need to chase that opportunity out until she can no further. In her life, this is the way she views things. She seems the world in terms of opportunity, and if there is opportunity somewhere, she will feel the need to see the end of it. After all, if she does not do this, she will ponder for the rest of her life what might have happened if she did.

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A educação é a base para o futuro de Angola. Como podemos garantir que vamos ter cidadãos conscientes, responsáveis e informados se não proporcionarmos hoje a educação às nossas crianças? Temos de procurar dar as mesmas oportunidades a todos os meninos e meninas de uma ponta à outra do país 🇦🇴 Levar educação mesmo aos locais mais remotos para no futuro termos um país unido no desenvolvimento. Eu acredito nas nossas crianças, nas camadas jovens, nas novas gerações 🤞🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #crianças #jovens #futuroslíderes #educação #Angola Education is key to Angola’s future. How can we ensure that we will have conscientious, responsible and informed citizens if we do not provide education to our children today? We must seek to give the same opportunities to all the boys and girls from all over the country. To promote education even in the most isolated places so that in the future we will have a united and developed country 🇦🇴 I believe in our children, in our youth, the new generations 🤞🏾

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This idea is something that she was taught ever since she was a child. Seizing the day is an idea that has been present for a very long time, but for Isabel dos Santos, it is not just an idea. It is a daily lifestyle. If she is not considering the ramifications of her actions and how she could possibly develop a course of action to improve the state of the world, then she is working with her team to figure out how she can best satisfy the customers all around the world she is responsible for.

Isabel dos Santos lives on a basis of responsibility, not of obligation. She does not do all the work she does because she has to. In fact, the exact opposite is the case. She could quit any day she wants to, but she chooses not to. When you are sitting on billions of dollars, it is difficult to not slow down in your career. She, however, did not find so much difficulty in this pursuit. It just is not her nature to turn away from an opportunity to grow, and that is essentially what the course of her career comes down to. The way Isabel dos Santos is able to continually shape the state of African business is largely due to the fact that she will search for ages until she feels she can progress no further.

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