Jason Hope-Philanthropist and tech entreprenuer

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Jason Hope loves technological innovations. His career has been spent looking for opportunities in the tech industry. Jason Hope has concentrated on providing the people with projections of technological trends, he studies the current trends and predicts what will happen in future. He has been a great advocate of the Internet of Things. He has been an advocate for this technology for some time now. IoT has become a reality that people appreciate about. With IoT, electronic devices will be able to connect to the internet and manage to share information between themselves. This is the most important aspect of the technology.

IoT is expected to have application in almost every single part of our lives. From the household chores to industrial applications, IoT will make changes. For instance, a toaster will be able to know you have woken up and start preparing a toast for breakfast. There will also be wearable devices which will be able to detect our health condition and communicate in real time with the doctor. A doctor will not have to monitor a patient in person as the information from the wearable devices will take over this role.

In the industrial setup, IoT will have numerous applications. Some of the areas where it is already being used include the airline industry where IoT is being used to change the manufacturing of aircraft as well as offering personalized customer care. Boeing 787s are being built with IoT integrated into them. Every part of the plane is computerized such that information from each one of them is controlled. In case there is a need for repairs, the plane will communicate automatically to the technicians.

Jason Hope is also supporting technological research in other sectors such as biotechnology. In 2010, Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to an organization known as SENS Foundation. This organization is performing scientific research on the possibility of coming up with an anti-aging drug that will slow down or stop the aging process in human beings. The research is at advanced stages where everything is being done in the right to ensure we have a drug that can solve the issue of aging. Aging in human beings is associated with old-age diseases which cause suffering to people during their retirement age. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkison’s diseases are some of those which affect the old people. Jason Hope believes that the biotechnological research is likely to bear fruits soon.

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