JD.com Will Integrate Advanced AI Customer Service

Published / by soundproof

No website sells more merchandise in China than JD.com. Therefore, the site needs to take customer service very seriously. It is constantly upgrading the technology on the site to give customers the best experience possible. The company has just announced a new partnership with a company called China Unicom. They have created a new artificial intelligence that will be able to communicate with customers very quickly and figure out their exact needs. Speed is very important when you are dealing with customer service issues. Jingdong knows that people will leave the site and shop elsewhere if a transaction takes to long. They will also become impatient if their question takes too long to get answered. The new AI will speed up the process considerably.

JD.com wants to keep growing their business. They know the best way to do this is to give the people who shop on their site a pleasant experience. If they are able to keep their customers happy, they will keep coming back again in the future. Jingdong has been testing several new customer service AI programs over the past year. They eventually settled on the one designed by China Unicom. They are very happy with the way this AI has performed so far. It has received very positive feedback from the people who have used it.

It is very common now for very large retail websites to use AI to deal with customer service issues. There are a number of advantages to doing this. This helps to save these companies money because they do not need to employ many people to work as customer service representatives. Also, the wait time for customers will not be as long because the AI can answer questions as soon as a person logs on to the site. The customer will not need to wait until a customer service representative is available.

JD.com will keep trying to make their AI as perfect as it can possibly be. There are always going to be occasional glitches. That is just the nature of working with new technology. However, the new AI has been performing better than expected.

About JD.com: www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/jd