Jeremy Goldstein Interview: Things You Should Know About Him And JLGA

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Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a law firm that operates in New York City. Goldstein is a lawyer who excels in managerial governance, CEO guidance, and major company changes. He has been in the industry for years and was involved through counseling in big transactions of the biggest companies in the country such as Sears and Kmart, AT&T, and J.P. Morgan Chase.


Although Jeremy Goldstein is known for being a brilliant attorney, his first career choice was actually becoming an artist. He received his bachelor’s degree in Arts from Cornell University and even went to get his Masters at the University of Chicago. However, Goldstein ended up taking another path after he decided to pursue law and received a Juris Doctor degree from New York University. This change of career makes all the difference, with him leading his own law firm and also being the Professional Advisory Board for NYU Journal of Law and Business.


When asked about this sudden change in career, Jeremy Goldstein thought that being in the legal field will match the characteristics of her professional life to his commitment in his professional life. He also added how he thinks that the formal and dry approach which is common to a lot of lawyers does not stir innovation. So he tried to adopt a more informal approach to his clients, and this made the changes that he needed. Later on, he adapted the informal approach to a great effect.


JLGA has been doing good, but Jeremy Goldstein makes sure that the law firm isn’t only his source of income. When he got the time, he will provide legal consulting to companies and CEOs in other fields such as in mergers and acquisitions. Goldstein revealed that these “side gigs” are also helpful because it helps him grow his business. In managing his business, Goldstein creates long term plans, which he viewed as successful. Although he regularly analyzes his business’ profit and loss statements, this is now how he measures success.


If there’s one thing that Jeremy Goldstein will advise, what he will give as advice is to “get past the doubts.” This is because doubts are internal personal battles and are not based on the situation but are based on one’s own feelings. In order to beat doubts, Goldstein will look at this difficulty as a prime opportunity to be better and grow as a leader. He also makes sure that he sees success from three different perspectives: business, law, and professional relationships. This helps him understand a difficult situation.


As of now, Jeremy Goldstein keeps a close eye when it comes to corporate and legal worlds. He noticed that right now, corporations are changing into worker cooperatives. This changes will surely have its own legal problems, and Goldstein finds it challenging to create solutions.


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