Jeremy Goldstein Works With Clients In A Personal And Smart Way

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Jeremy Goldstein has worked with some of the largest companies around the globe during his career as an attorney. He is highly sought-after in the United States, as he has a good knowledge of business and knows what to do in regard to corporate compensation. He works out of New York City at a firm that he and a few others founded together, which is called Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Jeremy Goldstein says that one of the things that set him apart from the average attorney is that he isn’t as dry as most of them, but he tries to be informal and friendly. He tries to develop a relationship with each client, and this helps him to represent them well.

Jeremy Goldstein says that he is always trying to take on more than one task at once so that he is not dependent on any one thing for his income. And, he says that one of the most difficult things that he has dealt with in his career is the doubt that he felt about what he was doing early on in his career. He used to struggle with believing in himself, but he has learned how to solve problems and be the best he can be in each situation. And, he says that the way that he was able to get started as an attorney was through a referral that was made to him. He says that referrals are very important for everyone getting started in law.

Jeremy Goldstein attended Cornell University, the University of Chicago and New York University. He is on the professional advisory board for the New York University’s Journal of Law and Business. And, he also serves on the board of an organization that is about helping those who are dealing with mental illness.

Jeremy Goldstein works with many CEOs and others in business. He knows a lot about this area of law, and his law firm has grown to be very large and successful because of his knowledge. He is involved in corporate transactions and has helped make many big transactions during the past ten years.


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