JHSF: Jos Auriemo Neto – The Brazilian King Of The Real Estate

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The real estate market is a significant component of each economy. The most attractive and probably the most active investment market in the world is exactly the real estate market. Real estate turnover is one of the most important indicators of liberalization of the economy. The real estate market is a very complex term characterized by only one general description – the unpredictability. Therefore, one must keep in mind companies that professionally approach real estate trading. Such companies will be your ally and a good advisor in every economic situation. One of such companies, that is holding the primacy in the real estate market in Brazil is JHSF.

The Activity Of JHSF Company

The JHSF company is a leading company in the real estate sector of high income in Brazil. The company’s operations are directed to the residential and commercial markets acquisitions, development and management of shopping centers, upscale hotels, and international executive airport. JHSF was founded in 1972, and it was almost immediately recognized for its ability to identify new real estate trading opportunities in their operating areas. During its operating history, this company managed to consolidate its operations, working in large cities such as Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paolo. JHSF consists of four separate business units – Executive Airport, Hotels & Restaurants Fasano, Malls, and the Incorporations. In recent years, the holding is the priority in the implementation of projects that are characteristic for the development and managing of shopping malls, high-standard hotels, and other types of urban development.

José Auriemo Neto And His Role Within The Company

Today’s executive and chairman of the JHSF is José Auriemo Neto. His father founded the company, but José continues to build the business, following his father’s footprints. Under José’s managing, this real estate company has focused on the commercial and residential properties development in Brazil. José Auriemo Neto was also serving as chief executive of the JHSF company, supervising the brand’s interests in hotels, office buildings, and other public development. During 2009, José Auriemo Neto supervised the first company’s venture into retail. He signed the exclusive partnerships with Hermès, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci. Auriemo Neto had opened the luxury brands first retail outlets owned by JHSF’s Cidade Jardim shopping complex. Afterward, the company has also secured a partnership with Valentino, opening the first Valentino sores located in Brazil. Even though they have faced the two-year decay in luxury sales in the Brazilian market – they have managed to move back and raise sales during 2018.