Julia Jackson and Her Wines

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Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is the one who makes people sit up and take notice of Jackson Family Wines, but she is also much more than that. While she did grow up in a family that was always surrounded by vines and making wines, she always had the interest to be involved in the business side of things of Jackson Family Wines.She would often help out during the summers and learned a lot about running the family business. Although she studied art in college (at Scripps College), she has proved to be a big asset to the Jackson Family Wines, especially after having graduated from Stanford School of Business.She is doing a lot to keep the name of Jackson Family Wines on the map and help to continue to spread the good news about their excellent bottles of Lassegue and The Peake, amongst many other incredible wines.

Something else that is interesting about Julia Jackson is that she also founded Cambria: Seeds of Empowerment which is dedicated to helping organizations that are committed to empowering women. ThroughJulia Jackson awards of $100,000 grants, her organization is helping to change the lives of many women who have gone through difficulty and adversity and have overcome, as she wants to help them be able to inspire others.Not only is Julia helping to promote her family’s name and continue the legacy of their amazing wines, but she also helped found Rex Apps which is geared towards providing users with information on bars and restaurants. One may ask, “Is there anything that Julia Jackson can’t do?” So far, it seems as though she is going far in her life.

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