Keith Mann Spreading the Goodness

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Keith Mann is the type of person who believes in doing good. At times, it can be hard to find a reason to do good, but Keith Mann never gives up. He always tries to see what is good in people since he believes that deep down most people have good intentions.

Keith Mann’s uncle is a detective, and he deeply appreciates him. The job that his uncle does can be quite dangerous at times. However, despite this challenge, his uncle has persevered.

According to Keith, that is the situation police face every day. However, most people may not be able to see that right now.

However, these are a minority, and they should not be used to define the entire police force. Keith believes that cops are inherently good.

This belief is what led him to treat police officers to lunch. He did this twice for the NYPD 54th Precinct. He knows that the police need encouragement in these tough times. Each morning, cops leave their house to go and do their job.

They are taking a risk with their life each time they put on the uniform, but that does not stop them. It is not a job for everyone. It takes a special set of traits for you to do that each day for the rest of your life. Keith Mann understands that quite well. Learn more about Keith Mann:

This conviction informed his decision to do something for the police. Keith Mann knew no matter how big or small it was; he had to give back to the police. When you surprise people, it makes them feel good about themselves. It reminds them there are still many people who see the good the police have.

Thus, it reminds them that not everyone falls so easily for the lies that are being spread by the news media. Keith is a man who believes in good and spreading it to others whenever he can.

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